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Bungie Announces Destiny: The Dark Below Expansion

written by kimmyink90 October 29, 2014


Destiny’s first expansion has been announced by Bungie.  It is titled The Dark Below and it will be readily available for purchase on December 9th this year for $19.99 by itself.  If you plan on getting the season pass that includes the second expansion, House of Wolves, it is priced at $34.99 (a better deal than to buy each pack separately).

Details were released about the new content along with what new weapons and armor we should expect to see with the expansion.  The Light Level cap will also be raised to 32 and five new bounty slots will also be included.

The expansion story is centered on a newly created character by the name of Eris.  Eris spent many years hiding within the Hive and has emerged to give warning.  The Hive are attempting to summon a god named Crota to destroy Earth.  You can find Eris in the Tower where she has special quests that will include new missions that increase your Light and will grant you new rewards.

A co-op Strike called The Will of Crota will send you against Omnigul.  Omnigul is trying to grow Crota’s Hive army.  Set in Hellomouth, the six-player Raid called Crota’s End, you will fight Crota which (assuming you don’t all die) will then lead to Crota’s end.

PvP maps have expanded to include three new arenas.  Skyshock, Pantheon, and The Cauldron which all have their own unique set up.

What are your thoughts geeks?  Do you love Destiny?  Do you think you’ll buy the DLC and if so, for which console?  Let us know in the comments below!

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