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Bungie Limits Destiny Support for PS3 and 360

written by Jason Marcano June 28, 2016

Bungie confirmed that, as of August, just before the “Rise of Iron” expansion is released, it would no longer be supporting Destiny on last-gen hardware, or “Legacy Consoles.” The news that Bungie will no longer be releasing updates/expansions for the PS3 or 360 was an inevitability. With current generation consoles receiving upgrades of their own, gamers shouldn’t be too surprised at the news.

Bungie has taken the time to let those playing on the “Legacy Consoles” know how that transition will work. They strongly urge those playing to upgrade to a current-gen console in order to continue having the full Destiny experience. Up until now, character progression has been shared across consoles. The graph below shows how and when that will change.

Destiny platforms_infographic

Bungie has also typed up a handy guide on what events will be staying on the “Legacy Consoles,” and an explanation on what one is required to do in order to upgrade and ensure they keep their character. In order for players to continue their progress, should they decided to upgrade to a current-version of Destiny, they must:

  • Upgrade within the same console family (i.e. Xbox 360 MUST upgrade to Xbox One)
  • Must login using the same PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag
  • Must perform an Account Import beginning in August 2016
  • May need to re-purchase some Destiny content for the new console

The switch to current-gen exclusivity by Bungie may seem unfair on the surface, but it makes a load of sense. With the game growing this much it was only a matter of time before the PS3 and 360 could no longer effectively run Destiny. Not only that, but splitting up your team to fine tune an inferior version of a game cost time and money.

destiny axe

Are any of you geeks still playing Destiny? Are you playing on last-gens hardware? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you should really consider the upgrade. Otherwise, come September, when “Rise of Iron” releases, you’ll be left behind.

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