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The Cake is a Lie: Truth on Rattmann Sighting

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson November 22, 2016
Man laying on ground

Man laying on ground

Everyone’s favorite unseen Portal character finally featured in a video game! If you are familiar with the Portal games from Valve, but don’t remember Doug Rattmann you are not alone. While we never see him directly in the game series, he does leave Chell helpful tips on the walls of the crawl spaces in both Portal and Portal 2. One of the most famous tips is the very wise warning “The cake is a lie!”. This and all of Rattmann’s other ramblings help Chell survive the testing facilities of Aperture Science.

Rattmann’s debut to the limelight has been discovered in Lego Dimensions’ Portal 2 level pack nearly a year after its release. He appears only four times in the game and each appearance is very brief. It seems that even when he is a visible character the “Rat Man” prefers sulking in the shadows, probably to avoid GLaDOS. Lets be honest, who would want to face the wrath of an insane artificial intelligence? The crawl spaces are likely where we all will be if we are ever facing a testing facility filled with the eerie voices of the turrets. The video below shows all Rattmann sightings, or you can check out the game and try to find him yourself!

If you aren’t familiar with Rattmann, you can check out the comic Lab Rat. It features flashbacks of his days as an Aperture scientist,  but we also see his life while Chell is trapped in the testing facility. Seeing the storyline of the game through an outside perspective is fascinating! The comic spans the timeframes and storylines of both Portal and Portal 2. To avoid spoilers for any readers who haven’t played yet, I won’t leak any plot points. However, I will say that the “before” perspective the comic offers fleshes out the storyline of both games.

The Portal 2 Level pack for Lego Dimensions features Chell, the Companion Cube, Turrets, and of course GLaDOS. The Lego toy pad brings Chell to life and she adventures through the testing facility with her trusty portal gun.

I love the Portal series, and Valve’s continuous support and development of the series. What do you think of Rattmann’s appearance? Let us know in the comments below!

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