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Call of Duty 2018 is Black Ops 4, Coming to the Switch

written by Tyler February 5, 2018
Call Of Duty may release on the Nintendo Switch

Call of Duty has never graced the presence of being on a Nintendo console, until perhaps this year. According to industry insider Marcus Sellars, it appears Black Ops 4 will not have jetpacks and will use the unique features of the Switch such as HD rumble and motion controls. Sellars previously leaked information about a Dark Souls release on the Switch and was correct.

After Infinite Warfare’s disappointing release, Treyarch followed up with the successful Call of Duty: WWII. Hopefully, this new release continues the momentum that the franchise has renewed. Perhaps it will introduce something actually innovative. After all, WWII was the best selling game this generation.

It will be nice to see a modern AAA title released on the switch. The lineup has felt lackluster, until even recently. Skyrim was a title teased by the Switch’s launch, and it took quite awhile for it to even release. It’s getting better though. Doom saw a release, and so did L.A. Noire, but I’m still waiting on releases like the Mass Effect’s, Prey, Dishonored, Outlast, or even the Divinity: Original Sin and XCOM games. Nintendo has always lacked in third-party titles, but it seems they’re making some progress.

Call Of Duty WWII, the last Call Of Duty releaseAt the end of the day, Call of Duty just saw a release in November. Perhaps Treyarch should take a page from Ubisoft’s book and stop the annual releases for a franchise. It worked for Assassin’s Creed, seeing as Origins was seemingly successful. Refreshing this series in the same vein may be beneficial, as some may look at the franchise as tired.

Personally, I’ve played Call of Duty since the very first release, and I’m hoping for something truly innovative. I’m not looking for a rehash; I want what Ubisoft did with Splinter Cell: Conviction. They took the series, understood what was dry, and fixed it. The last two Splinter Cell releases are faster, more responsive, and the gameplay, movement, and combat are more fluid. I’m hoping Treyarch will do something similar for their long-running franchise.

What do you want from the supposed Black Ops 4? Let us know in the comments!

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