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Caltech suing Apple over WiFi patents.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 30, 2016

Apple Headquarters

Here we go on the patent train again geeks. This time Caltech has beef with Apple over some significant WiFi patents.

There’s two types of people in the world right now, Apple lovers and Apple haters. This news is going to infuriate one side and please the other. It seems Caltech on Thursday filed a patent lawsuit against Broadcom and Apple over allegations of patent violations. They claim that Apple especially was willful in violating the patents, which were granted in 2006 and 2012.

The Caltech patents revolve around the 802.11n and 802.11ac frequencies and WiFi chips that make using them faster. The violations are alleged to have started as far back as the iPhone 5 and continues today with the iPhone 6s, and even includes device such as the iPad and MacBook. The lawsuit seeks to stop the sale of all infringing devices and pay back damages to the affected party. Broadcom is the chief defendant but Apple has been brought in as a major client and conspirator of sorts.

I know the Apple haters will say that the Cupertino company has it coming as they’ve spent a lot of time “patent trolling” as of late, suing companies like Samsung for tons of violations. Those in the Apple camp will of course vehemently deny any wrong doing by the Android rival. However it should be noted that the last time a university sued Apple, they had to pony some serious cash in damages. We’re talking in the millions.

Where do my geeks sit with this? Most who know me know where I sit on the Apple/Android fence but I’m curious as to where the rest of you hover. Do you think the lawsuit will have any teeth? You know what to do, hit them comments below!

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