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Can the Razer Phone Replace Your Laptop?

written by Dominic Gomez January 17, 2018
Razer Project Linda with phone as trackpad

Razer is such a tease

Razer likes to tease us. Especially at CES. Last year we met Valerie, and she was gorgeous. She was a triple monitor laptop, yes you read that right three friggin’ monitors! Not only that but the specs were almost as surprising as having three monitors built into the laptop itself. Not only were they 4k monitors, but they would be powered by a Nvidia GTX1080 GPU. Sadly, that was pretty much the last thing we heard from Valerie. Except for maybe a bit of thievery

Razer Project Linda with some specs

Meet Linda

The tease for this year’s CES is Project Linda. Razer is calling this a concept still, so there is no assurance that this will ever see the market. Although I would really love to see this happen. Basically, Linda is a Razer Blade Stealth, just mostly a shell. As it sits it would have a 13.3″ Quad HD 120Hz screen, 200GB Hard Drive (SSD I would assume), and a ‘Power Bank’, oh and a 3.5mm headphone jack (man I wish phones weren’t taking this away). This Linda Blade Stealth (see what I did there) would be powered by a docked Razer Phone. The phone would actually double as the trackpad. The sound would also come from the phone’s speakers. What would a Razer laptop be complete without Chroma lighting? Don’t worry if this concept comes to life I’m sure Razer would keep the Chroma keyboard.

I couldn’t find anything about an onboard GPU so I would assume that would also come from the phone. I’m not sure if this is awesome, or just a fancy (and most likely very expensive) Chromebook. Don’t get me wrong, if I had a Razer Phone I would love to have myself a Linda. I do wonder if something like this is actually necessary though. I guess that would all depend on the price.

Could it actually be worth it?

Let’s break this down. Nowadays you can get high quality laptops under 400 so if Razer wants to to charge big $$$ for their new releases, it had better be worth it. The Blade Stealth starts at about $1500. For that, you get a Quad Core i7, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM, onboard graphics, and Windows 10. Don’t forget if you fork over an extra $500 you can get the Core V2 and you can put in whatever GPU you would like. Let’s go with the base model though. I understand the Razer Phone is powerful, but it’s not Core i7 16GB RAM powerful. Taking into consideration the phone is about $700, if Linda costs more than say $300 I don’t know if she would be worth it. That might even be pushing it.

At the end of the day, I’m a lover of just about all things tech and Razer just makes things look so pretty. I would enjoy seeing if this setup could actually replace my day to day laptop. Do you think it could? Or do you think Linda is just another pretty face in the crowd? Sound off below in the comments!

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