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Candy Corn Ice Cream And Other Fall Treats At Disney World

written by Quinzel Lee September 30, 2017
Candy Corn Ice Cream

If you are #TeamCandyCorn then you might just need to make a quick trip down to Disney World. Candy Corn Ice Cream will be there for a limited time.

This sweet fall treat has been featured annually at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. The Halloween Party is within the parks but a separate, special event that is a fun Halloween event that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. So if you’re a big fan of Disney Villains, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

The lovely soft serve is actually vanilla flavored with the classic dual twist of orange and white. It is, however, topped with either crushed candy corn or a single candy corn at the top (much like a cherry on top!)

Candy Corn Ice Cream

Ok, so I get some of you are #TeamCandyCornIsGross and I understand that may not be enough to get you to grab your running shoes and head to Florida. Let me assure you they have many more drool worthy fall treats.

Mickey Mouse Halloween Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon roll in the shape of Mickey Mouse

This mouse shaped treat is enough to get your taste buds rolling. Topped with orange frosting, there’s even a little spider web design to give it a Halloween feel.

Pumpkin Mickey Mouse Waffle Sundae

Mickey Mouse waffles is one thing I absolutely miss about Disney World. Other waffles just aren’t the same. Pumpkin Mickey Waffles, Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, and caramel sauce make up this tasty treat.

Jack Skellington Desert

How fitting that The Pumpkin King gets his own desert? The ingredients are as follows: vanilla panna cotta, vanilla crisp pearls, chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate crisp pearls, whipped cream, and chocolate curls.

Walt Disney World Halloween Worms ‘N Dirt

A cute twist on a classic snack. At Disney, you can see it’s all about presentation. Chocolate, Chocolate, more chocolate and gummy worms are the main ingredients in this desert. Oh yes, and the gravestone is also made of, you guessed it, chocolate.

Disney World fall foods

That’s just a short list of the fantastic fall foods you can find at Disney World. What do you guys think of this? Let us know in the comments below!

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