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Captain America: Agent of Hydra Explained (SPOILERS)

written by Jordan Cobb May 25, 2016

Marvel recently debuted their second Captain America book in its current rotation, Captain America: Steve Rogers, and dropped quite the bombshell in it.

At the end of the first issue, it’s revealed that the original Captain himself, Steve Rogers, is in fact an agent of the Nazi offshoot, Hydra. The very same Hydra that has been a long time enemy of Captain America and an organization set on ruling the world.


Fan reaction to this has been met with utter confusion and anger. Everyone is wondering just what is going on.

Marvel Comics executive editor, Tom Brevoort explained in an interview with Time Magazine as to why Captain America is hailing Hydra. He first said that book writer, Nick Spencer had pitched them the idea of wanting to bring Steve Rogers back to being Cap for the character’s 75th anniversary after being sidelined without the Super Soldier serum. It was then explained that the Hydra idea spun off from there.

Brevoort also said that Captain America’s past will be explored in the next issue and will address the twist. The issue will further help set up the future of the character and the book itself.

When asked if this is all a gimmick, Brevoort responded that he doesn’t believe it is a gimmick. He proclaimed that this was a story they spent a long time working on. Further adding that it’s their job from month to month to place Cap in pressure filled situations and see his reaction to them. That this is done to see how he gets out of it.


What a time for Marvel to drop this huge a revelation just as DC is changing up its whole universe, again, with Rebirth. It certainly is a peculiar time to be a superhero comic book fan.

There is no word as of yet how as to how this will affect Sam Wilson’s Captain America book.


What is your reaction? How do you feel about this huge twist and will you read the book to find out what all happens? Let us know in the comments below!

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