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Captain America: Civil War Hype Generator or Twitter Troll?

written by J Martell July 24, 2015


A new Twitter account under the handle @Russo_Brothers is causing a dust-up on the internet, releasing several out of focus, blurry, close-up, or otherwise unclear photos that many think are related to the upcoming Captain American: Civil War film.

As seen above, it’s not completely clear what the photo is of, though many are speculating that it could be a glimpse of Spider-Man’s costume. This is entirely possible… though it could also be a close-up of a sweater, a ball, a stitch pattern, or even someone’s old Spider-Man Halloween costume. All of the photos uploaded so far are equally ambiguous, some even more so, with twitter users  going the extra mile for a few of them to make potential connections. The below tweet and comment theorizes that Sokovia could take a central role in the pro-registration movement that will undoubtedly spur the events of Civil War.

It’s also possible, however, that the clipped image would actually say “The Auditoria Aardvark”. That’s not a likely guess, sure, but WordFind.com tells me there are over 600 English words ending in “ia” and over 4,600 English words beginning with “a”… So out of almost 3 million possible word combinations, who can say what’s a good guess?

Take a look here for the Twitter account created earlier this month to see all the uploads and tweets. What do you think? Is this another one of the MCU’s odd (but often super successful guerrilla marketing tactics), or just a twitter troll out to make us all lose our minds and eyesight from staring at our screens too close for the next few hours?

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