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The New Cars 3 Teaser Trailer is Finally Here!

written by Jake Tanner November 21, 2016

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The wait is over Pixar fans! The official teaser trailer for Cars 3 is finally here, and by the looks of it, Lightning McQueen is going to be in a sorry state for at least part of this movie. Take a look:

The Cars movies don’t tend to pack that emotional punch that Pixar has become known for with movies like Toy Story and Up!, but it looks like Cars 3 may change our perception of the franchise. Pixar’s John Lasseter had this to say about the film in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“Lightning McQueen, he’s awesome. We’ve got some great new characters, some great racing in it. It’s a very emotional story. It’s a little bit more akin to Cars 1, where you get into a deep emotion with him. It’s really a special story. It’s very emotional and his relationship with Doc Hudson, and his memory of Doc Hudson.”

Doc was voiced by Paul Newman in the first Cars movie. Newman is no longer with us as he passed away in 2008, but Doc didn’t appear in Cars 2 with a different voice actor so it will be interesting to see how Pixar handles the voice acting responsibilities with the character.

The movie isn’t slated to release until June 16, 2017, but Pixar is world renowned for the high-quality of their films. It’s also worth noting that Pixar is great at putting something in their movies that appeal to both adults and their children, so their movies can be enjoyed by the whole family.

There’s no official synopsis for Cars 3 yet, but it looks like we’re in for a wild ride when it’s released next summer.

What did you guys think of the trailer? What’s your favorite Pixar franchise? Are you looking forward to Cars 3? Join in on the conversation in the comments below!

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