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The Cast of Now You See Me 2’s Fake ‘Boy Band’

written by Ali L June 12, 2016

The hours on set some days can be long and dull; some actors fill this restless time between takes committing behind the scenes pranks on their coworkers and friends, and others, let their squirrlie-ness roam to such an extreme that they produce great sarcastic collaborations of hilarity.

For example, the cast of Parks and Recreation’sĀ fake show “Philly Justice”.

Philly Justice fake cast

Recently in an interview with Seth Myers, Now You See Me 2‘s co-star Dave Franco described how in the long and tiresome hours filming he and his fellow cast members;

“In our state of delirium…we created a boy band on set. Yeah, called Two Directions.”

The “band” had two imaginary albums complete with covers and back story, check it out!!

Now You See me 2 premiered this week and promises to be a decent summer flick to enjoy in an overly air-conditioned building among strangers gorging on popcorn and snow caps. You deserve it friends, we all do. ..and don’t forget about Suicide Squad coming out in August! It’s sure to be a great summer!

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