Monday , 27 February 2017


Superman Twist in the New 52 – Here is Why the Fans are Silent

New 52 Superman Unchained Cover

The year was 1992. A gallon of gas cost just over a dollar. Batman Returns and Aladdin made blockbuster numbers in theaters. Bill Clinton won the presidential election by rocking a pair of shades, playing a saxophone, and not being devastatingly out of touch with modern Americans. But something else happened that year, too. That was the year that the world lost a Superman. The …

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Another Twist in Wonder Woman’s Family History (SPOILERS)

One of the more interesting things that happened when DC Comics last rebooted with the New 52 was a slight change to the origin of Wonder Woman during Brian Azzarello’s run on the book. Turns out that Diana herself was born out of a love affair between her mother, Hippolyta and Zeus. The traditional born of clay origin was used as …

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RUMOR: Thor: Ragnarok To Include Planet Hulk?

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk - Thor: Ragnarok - Avengers: Age of Ultron

Hulk fans have been asking for it for years, and it looks like they might finally get their wish. Thor: Ragnarok has been stirring things up on the comic book movie news front, and things just got even more interesting. First, Marvel revealed that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk would be joining Thor in the movie, and that it would primarily take place away …

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Hail Hydra – A Captain America #1 review

Captain America the patriot

I’ve just read the Captain America #1 “Hail Hydra” comic everyone is so upset about. It’s well written. It subtly underlines the fact that Hydra is literally multi-headed. None one organisation, but several. Led by people each pursuing their own agenda, and making the lost and hopeless into soldiers ready to give their lives. I can see that a deep …

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Chris Evans Stunned by Captain America’s Newest Role in Hydra

Yesterday was the release of Marvel’s newest edition of Captain America and it has quite a few people at a loss for words. Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 is the newest release out of Marvel, in which readers are told that Steve Rogers is actually a Hydra agent who was recruited at a young age. Readers found themselves stunned in what …

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Captain America: Agent of Hydra Explained (SPOILERS)

Marvel recently debuted their second Captain America book in its current rotation, Captain America: Steve Rogers, and dropped quite the bombshell in it. At the end of the first issue, it’s revealed that the original Captain himself, Steve Rogers, is in fact an agent of the Nazi offshoot, Hydra. The very same Hydra that has been a long time enemy of …

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Cast Update for Marvel’s Iron Fist – Matrix Star Joins the Mix

Iron Fist

Carrie-Anne Moss, most known for her role in the Matrix trilogy, is coming back for some more Marvel goodness as she joins the cast of the upcoming series on Netflix, Iron Fist. Moss will be reclaiming her title as stone cold lawyer Jeri Hogarth from the Jessica Jones series. “Carrie-Anne has fast become a fan-favourite of our street level saga, …

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Michael Keaton to be in Next Spider-Man movie?

With Spider-Man: Homecoming coming in July of 2017, people are speculating over who will be joining the crew. One of these people in question is actor Michael Keaton. Although, it’s not a firm confirmation, Jon Watts, the Filmmaker, has given us hope! With a fist pump and mouthing the word yes on his twitter feed. — Jon Watts (@jnwtts) …

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Stan Lee’s Last Comic Con Run

Marvel today wouldn’t be here without the amazing, fantastic, incredible, Stan Lee! Stan Lee was in the Army during WWII as a repairman who doodled his cartoons between shifts and he got his writing start making obituaries. Then he began to give us so many loveable characters in Marvel, such as the X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, …

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DC Comics Reveals its New Logo

Things are changing over at DC Comics. With Rebirth soon on the horizon, the whole company seems as if it’ll take that to heart by debuting a brand new logo. Last time DC did a relaunch of their comic books for The New 52, it got a brand new logo as well, showing the DC Comics logo as the page …

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