Monday , 27 February 2017


Watch the first five minutes of Preacher here! [Video]


AMC released the first five minutes of the Preacher series today on their Snapchat. With Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg at the helm, they have somehow managed to capture the complete essence of the comic series. It is dark, mischievous, snarky, and everything fans have come to love about what that makes Preacher Preacher. And now it is becoming a …

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Marvel Cinematic Universe is now the Highest Grossing Franchise Ever

The weekend box office has come out and Captain America: Civil War experienced a 59% drop from its huge opening last weekend. Didn’t stop the Marvel Cinematic Universe from becoming the highest grossing film franchise ever though. Marvel does indeed now control the box office and it seems it’ll be on top for a very long time. With an estimated …

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Michael B. Jordan joins Black Panther

Fox might be keen on doing another Fantastic Four film but that’s not stopping Michael B. Jordan from dipping his toe into the waters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to news of Lupita Nyong’o rumored to be joining the cast of Marvel’s Black Panther, Jordan will be joining as well in an unclear role, but word is he’s possibly a villain. …

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Darwyn Cooke Fighting Aggressive Cancer

Beloved and respected comics creator Darwyn Cooke is currently battling “aggressive” cancer with palliative care at the moment. Cooke’s wife, Marsha took to his blog today to break the sad news. Marsha opened by being upfront with the news and explaining how she and Cooke’s brother, Dennis and their families have loved and welcomed the support they have all received. Privacy …

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13 Horror Comics to Celebrate Friday the 13th With

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Friday the 13th always reminds me of horror movies. Maybe because since I was young I’ve always associated Friday the 13th with the movie of the same name. When we realized today was that day, we all got excited about bringing some geeky horror to you. We compiled a list of some of the best horror games, showcased some upcoming …

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Scooby-doo gets a post apocalyptic reboot

The new Scooby gang

Scooby-doo was one of my favorite tv shows growing up. I was a little disappointed when I discovered that real paranormal investigators don’t get to run around haunted mansions avoiding traps and thwarting elaborate cons. We won’t be seeing many guys in masks in DC Comics new reboot. The monsters they’re fighting are real. The new comic is called Scooby Apocalypse. …

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Supergirl Flies Again for Season 2

Look up in the sky, it’s not a bird or a plane, it’s Supergirl flying high towards a series renewal. News has finally come as to the fate of the television series and its soaring straight to a new home on the CW. Talks were coming down to the wire for the DC Comics show before the network upfront presentations in New …

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‘Powerless’ is coming to TV thanks to NBC

NBC is now officially rejoining the superhero TV game by ordering Powerless to its fall schedule. NBC is going full steam ahead after ordering a pilot for the half-hour workplace sitcom that takes place within the DC Universe at an insurance company that deals with the aftermath damage of superhero and villain fights for those without powers. The series will be focused on the employees as …

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Captain America Electromagnetic Shield [VIDEO]

We’ve all almost certainly thought about wielding the mighty shield of Captain America. Fess up, you totally have and how could you not? The thing is awesome and just completely badass. Huge imagination can always turn a trashcan lid into it and there are the officially licensed plastic shields, but you just can’t find an electromagnetic shield like Cap used in …

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