Thursday , 19 January 2017


Supergirl Flies Again for Season 2

Look up in the sky, it’s not a bird or a plane, it’s Supergirl flying high towards a series renewal. News has finally come as to the fate of the television series and its soaring straight to a new home on the CW. Talks were coming down to the wire for the DC Comics show before the network upfront presentations in New …

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‘Powerless’ is coming to TV thanks to NBC

NBC is now officially rejoining the superhero TV game by ordering Powerless to its fall schedule. NBC is going full steam ahead after ordering a pilot for the half-hour workplace sitcom that takes place within the DC Universe at an insurance company that deals with the aftermath damage of superhero and villain fights for those without powers. The series will be focused on the employees as …

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Captain America Electromagnetic Shield [VIDEO]

We’ve all almost certainly thought about wielding the mighty shield of Captain America. Fess up, you totally have and how could you not? The thing is awesome and just completely badass. Huge imagination can always turn a trashcan lid into it and there are the officially licensed plastic shields, but you just can’t find an electromagnetic shield like Cap used in …

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DC Comics now taking writer applications

Superman and Wonder Woman

That’s right. You can apply, right now, for a slot in DC Comics Writer’s Workshop. The deadline for applications is May 31st 2016. Successful applicants will then participate in the Writer’s Room a 13-week video course in which you’ll learn how to write for DC Comics from a master. Presumably there’ll be some sort of test to see if you graduate from …

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Locke & Key in Development for TV Again

Joe Hill’s Locke & Key is attempting to unlock the television door yet again. Original publisher of Hill’s beloved horror comic book, IDW has recently announced it’s going to adapt the series into a TV show with Hill scripting the pilot and serving as executive producer for the show. Though plans are in effect, there is no set network home for …

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Kingdom Come 20th Anniversary

Kingdom Come

DC Comics Kingdom Come has become a truly iconic story among comic book lovers. The best-selling graphic novel has been a five time winner of Eisner and Harvey awards. The four issue mini-series, written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Alex Ross, has approached it’s 20th anniversary and is getting a deluxe edition graphic novel. You can pre-order the graphic …

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Krypton, The Superman Prequel Series, Is Happening!

Syfy announced Monday it was given the go-ahead to start producing the pilot episode for the new series Krypton, which will serve as a prequel to the Superman timeline as we know it. The series will tell the story of Superman’s grandfather who’s fighting to reestablish his family’s honor after some kind of public humiliation, thus being shamed and shunned. …

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Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Free Review

Captain America: Civil War

This weekend Captain America: Civil War hit U.S. theaters and it did not disappoint.  From start to to finish (and even the end of credits scenes, yes there’s two, so stick around) it’s nothing short of awesome.  This will be a spoiler free review so feel free to continue on with no worries. Let me start this off by saying …

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The Punisher #1 Packs a Bloody Punch

With a spinoff series from Daredevil on the way, it is about high time for a new Punisher book. That book was announced and planned ahead of that piece of news, but hey – a brand new Punisher book is still a pretty cool thing to have. This book has a mixture of new and old. The new being Becky …

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