Thursday , 19 January 2017


LEGO Movie art study piece.

  This absolutely stunning piece of art study done by Stephanie Brown is fantastic!!  I can tell a lot of work went into this piece just from the sheer amount of painstaking detail.  Speaking with Stephanie she told me it took her 90 minutes to make on Photoshop. Obviously she is a big fan of the LEGO movie and hopefully she …

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We Wish We Could Be Eating Second Breakfast in This “Hobbit House”

If you cannot go to New Zealand to see the Hobbit homes created for the movies, you ought to check out this home that has been dubbed “The Hobbit’s House” that is in Los Angeles.  A “For Rent” ad for this home went up on Craigslist and has unfortunately been taken down (probably because it has been snagged up already) …

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This is not artwork on paper….it’s artwork on a HUMAN!!

That’s right folks this is not artwork found on a piece of paper but rather a full body painting that looks absurdly realistic. Well, as realistic as a comic book drawing can get!! This was from a photoshoot , credit goes to Cris Alex, a Hollywood makeup effects artist whose past works include titles like X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Amazing Spider-Man …

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Recommended Comic Book Reading: Harley Quinn – Part 2 of 3

Recommended comic book reading: Harley Quinn part 2 of 3 In the last part, we explored the first appearances from her debut in Batman the Animated Series to her first spotlight in comic book form. The love crazed psychopath who was once herself a psychotherapist in Gotham’s Arhkam Asylum, where Harley met her “pudding”. After her first adventures in the DC …

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Marvel: GOTG Collected Editions Digital Comics Sale

  Hello my fellow comic book geeks, we got another great spotlight for you on Marvel collected edition digital comics sales. This week Marvel is offering up a pretty good GOTG Comic sale  Here is just about all you need to know of the journey in the life of the Guardian’s Rocket Raccoon and Groot! All the way to their first meeting …

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Actors and Their Counterparts! Part 3 of 4

We continue our journey with the photo album created by one huge Marvel movie fan on Facebook. Part 3 of 4 An obvious Marvel fan has taken a lot of time and effort and made this sweet looking Marvel Cinematic Universe picture album on Facebook. Showing the Marvel Studios movie and TV Universe actors and what their comic book alter-egos …

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