Thursday , 19 January 2017


Are you a victim of Buckyballs? Then you need to read this!

Image of Buckyballs

Are you a victim of Buckyballs? Have you become dependent on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to tell you what desk toys you can and can not have? No? Well too bad because the lamewads at CPSC have started a voluntary recall of Buckyballs and Buckycubes, a voluntary recall. This isn’t your standard manufacturer recall where the company says …

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Did you know Rent-A-Center is “selling” cell phones?

National rent to own company Rent-A-Center just rolled out an interesting way to suck in customers – cell phones. Offered up were a selection of current and past Samsung favorites including the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5 and even the old standby the Galaxy S3. Pricing was a bit on the ridiculous side with the S5 running $32.99 and the …

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Chinese couple sell their kids to buy in-game weapons and armor

Parents of the year alert!!! Looks like some more upstanding people have blessed the internet with their addiction. A young Chinese couple ┬áhas been caught for selling their two sons to child traffickers to continue their addiction of in-game armor and weapons. This happened not just once…but twice (two separate occasions). According to an interview with Guangdong TV from the …

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Nana, the amazing collie that does amazing things!

Dogs are capable of awesome things and Nana the Border Collie proves it. She shows up most humans including myself. I thought I was the shit because I got my dogs to sit to potty and sit for food but Nana’s owners, well they’ve made me look like a rank amateur. Watch how spectacular she is and get to training …

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Dog surprised by 100 balls, just “Awwww”… I love dogs, have 6 of them myself, so watching Maymo get bombarded with a 100 balls for his birthday just made me break down and laugh. If it doesn’t warm your heart watching his expression, man I worry about you. Really I do.

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