Monday , 27 February 2017


Interview with Jeff Benedict: Writing the Right Way

Jeff Benedict answering an interview question.

I think that the biggest geeks in the world are sports fans. Dressing up as your favorite player, rejoicing in the success of your favorite team, seething in their failure, comparing and measuring stats, traveling for big events, purchasing memorabilia and collectibles. It all sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? How could you not call someone who plays fantasy sports …

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Razer Immediately Deletes Controversial Tweet

Razer Blade Pro with Black Background

In the tech world, it can get very competitive. So competitive that gigantic corporations and smaller underdogs alike try to outdo each other by not only pushing the limits of technology, but trying to outdo each other with marketing as well. Razer took to social media to promote their new Razer Blade Pro, while taking a jab at Apple’s Macbook …

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Galaxy Note 7 is Still a Fiery Punchline for Southwest!

Note 7 on fire

Oh poor, poor Samsung. The hits keep coming, don’t they? Not only did their new flagship Galaxy Note 7 catch fire at inconvenient times, but the replacement phones did, too. The massive recall and subsequent discontinuation cost the tech giant billions of dollars in sales. We at Don’t Hate the Geek will continue to comment on this still developing story. One of …

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The Spookiest Halloween Treats You’ve Ever Seen

ChristineMcConnell at Halloween

Halloween is upon us! And if you’re in the spirit of things, you’re probably all set to go. Some of us have been ready for months. Decorations up, costume ready, party RSVP’d… Even if that party is simply watching awesome horror movies and handing out cavity-fueling nightmares to all the neighborhood children. If you feel like upping your domestic All …

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Wagering in Cybersports

The history of sports betting goes back in time and is connected with a rise in sports popularity. As e-sports were evolving, gaming developers invested more and more money into tournaments, bookmakers noticed the prospective popularity of the virtual games. They were the first to acknowledge that cybersports were equal to sports and to start accepting wagers in eSports. This …

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Nerdcore Strikes Back! Rappers Respond to Trebek Comments

Black and White photo of Alex Trebek on Jeopardy Set

Nerdcore rappers made Alex Trebek pay for calling them losers. A video went viral recently of the Jeopardy host asking a contestant about nerdcore hip-hop. She explained that, “it’s people who identify as nerdy, rapping about the things they love – video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners. You know, it’s really catchy and fun!” Trebek paused and …

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Wonder Woman’s Bisexuality: Gal Gadot’s Reaction!

Wonder Woman showered with flowers by Amazons

Wonder Woman is queer, according to her longtime writer Greg Rucka in an exclusive interview. After this groundbreaking news hit the internet on September 28, 2016, comicbook and movie fans have reacted in various ways. In all the noise, one individual whose opinion certainly carries a considerable amount of weight is Diana Prince herself, Gal Gadot. Since being cast as Wonder Woman, Gadot …

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Clowns (Real Ones) Condemn Clown Sighting Trend

Image of Pennywise

Clown sightings are everywhere, and I wish I were making this stuff up. Hopefully, you have seen these videos and photos of creepy-ass clowns terrorizing people all over the US and elsewhere. Hopefully, you haven’t encountered them in person. We at DHTG had originally reported on clown sightings in California way back in 2014. This is now a widespread and terrifying phenomenon …

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Sad to say but the Samsung Note 7 should be end of life

Note 7 on fire

If any of you have been following us, you know we love the Samsung Note 7. In our review it was rated as one of the best phones made to date. During the first recall (due to the batteries catching fire or exploding) we stood by our review. “Samsung is taking care of it by doing the recall and sending …

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