Monday , 27 February 2017


New Doctor Who Monopoly? Yes please!

It's a Doctor Who Monopoly game

Are you, like me, a Whovian? Are you also, again like me, a sick Monopoly player? Well guess what? Those two worlds collide in the Doctor Who Monopoly: Regeneration Edition! This new edition of the swell buying and selling game takes place as the Eleventh Doctor’s final days wind down and the Twelfth Doctor’s begin. This wicked set includes six …

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The Most Ridiculous Battery Charger Ever Created

Check out this life-sized statue of One Piece character Sanji that has been outfitted as what I can only assume is the largest phone charger in the land. This is scene is from when Sanji thanks his mentor Zeff. Recently One Piece creator Oda Eiichiro has called 2016 the “Year of Sanji” so Yahoo! Japan offered this prize up as a giveaway. …

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iTECHOR G11 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset REVIEW


We have a new headset in for you geeks to feast your ears on. iTECHOR sent us out one of their latest and greatest Bluetooth 4.1 headset to try. If you do not have a pair of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds yet in your stable you might want to read on. Everyone should own at least one pair of wireless …

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Star Wars: The Black Series Kylo Ren Voice Changer Helmet hands on time

  Come to the Dark Side, we have cool merchandise! With the wildly popular success of the latest in the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, comes an array of new toys that collectors, cosplayers, and gift givers can rejoice in. The latest addition to the collector’s paradise is the realistically detailed and 1:1 scale replica helmet molded …

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Expand your phone’s mind with Amazon’s memory deal of the day!

Looking for a way to expand your phone’s consciousness? Need 200GB of extra space? Man have we got you covered! Amazon’s deal of the day is memory, memory, memory, son! This 200GB MicroSD card usually runs a steep $250 but today only, you can snatched up one for the insanely low price of just a penny shy of just $60. …

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Geek Gadget Review: Spider Ear Buds


Something happened to me…. It started out simple enough, a single pair of ear buds came with one of my phones. I set them aside because headphones and all. One day though, I was just too lazy to go get my cans. I decided to go ahead and use the pair of pack in ear buds, thinking I would use …

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Hurry up and grab this sweet 200GB MicroSD card now!


Looking to expand your memory but want to save a few bucks? Then you’re a lucky duck as Amazon has you covered with a super sweet deal on a SanDisk 200GB MicroSD card. Right now it’s sitting at a comfortable $79, that’s a big time 20 smackers off! We love Amazon and their memory sales. It seems like you can’t …

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CHOETECH 3 Coil Wireless Qi Charging Pad REVIEW

Why oh why cannot every phone just have wireless charging built-in? If you do not or have not ever had a phone that is capable of this feature you are really missing out. Qi charging pads make it so much easier to just sit your phone down on the pad and start charging away. There is normally two downfalls to …

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XINLIN X165 Mini Quadcopter REVIEW

Just like most geeks I have found a weird obsession into the new drone and quadcopter world. These things are starting to take the world by storm. My biggest issue is that I want to be able to play with them while in the house. Good news is you can. In a world of very expensive and large outdoor drones they …

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