Thursday , 19 January 2017


Xbox E3 2016 Presentation Recap

Xbox E3 2016

Xbox took the stage at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) at 9:30 am PDT this morning and brought with them loads of excitement for the future of Xbox One gamers and Windows 10 PC gamers. Below you will get a recap on some of the highlight’s of the Xbox presentation. Xbox Future Tech The opening presentation showed off the …

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Friday the 13th Gameplay Footage (VIDEO)

The preverbal treasure chest of gaming that is E3 keeps letting out bits of lovely, lovely gold. The latest news is that we no longer need to play the Friday the 13th game from Nintendo and LJN. Gun Media is bringing us a brand new game featuring everyone’s favorite hockey masked slasher, Jason Voorhees. The successfully Kickstarter funded game finally revealed gameplay footage …

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Imagine that, the Xbox One S isn’t fantasy!

That leaked Xbox One S we saw earlier? The one Microsoft wouldn’t confirm or deny? Hey, it’s E3 so they just announced it’s real! Yes, it is called the Xbox One S, yes it is that slimming white (the color is called “Robotic White”) and yes it is 40% smaller. Not that the first gen One was all that big, …

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Skyrim: Special Edition Free For PC

Bethesda put on quite the spectacle with their E3 press conference last night. They confirmed what everyone was expecting: A Skyrim remaster, 3 new Fallout 4 DLC packs, Dishonored 2, Prey, a new Quake, and more. Skyrim: Special Edition is looking to bring the PC experience to consoles. With a release scheduled for Steam as well as the PS4 and Xbox …

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EA Originals: EA To Start Publishing Indie Games [VIDEO]

Fe Game - EA Originals - Zoink

Do you love games like Unravel? Then EA Originals should be a breath of fresh air. Patrick Söderlund, Executive Vice President of EA Studios, delivered an address at E3 that announced the creation of a new division within Electronic Arts. Called EA Originals, this new branch is tasked with bringing independent games and passion projects to larger audiences. Söderlund spoke with enthusiasm …

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Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer is Everything You Hoped For

Battlefield 1

It’s here folks. The official gameplay trailer for EA and DICE Entertainment’s Battlefield 1, and it is glorious! The gameplay trailer was shown at EA’s pre-E3 event, EA Play. From the trailer, we see World War 1 style ground combat including tanks, motorcycles, horses, and artillery trains. We also get a glimpse of the real time damage to buildings and the environment. During …

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Prey is coming after all!

Talk about a sequel that has been in development hell. The original Prey came out many many moons ago in 2006, I still have my fancy Collector’s Edition tin, and was met with critical and commercial acclaim. A sequel was announced shortly afterwards that never made it through several developers. It also went through a lot of design and story …

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Skyrim Remastered is for real a reality!

Skyrim Remastered

You know how we were just talking about what we wanted to see at Bethesda’s E3 fandamonium? Tops of the list was the life-force draining Skyrim Remastered? Bam! Wishes granted! Just announced by the lovely folks of Bethesda at E3, Skyrim Remastered will be the game we all loved and are still sinking our time into but with those buttery …

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EA Reveals Future Plans for Star Wars Games

Star Wars Battlefront

Today’s EA Play conference is surely a great start to E3 week. They have successfully got the hype train moving for all types of gamers. Earlier they showcased what is in store for the Mass Effect series which you can check out here. They’ve also revealed a some Titanfall 2 news that is definitely worth clicking here for. EA has even revealed …

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Legend of Zelda WII U Photo Leaked on Amazon

After many delays of The Legend of Zelda WII U Amazon leaked a photo of the game accidentally and was quickly taken down. We’ve been hoping for Zelda since they announced it would come out in 2015, however, Nintendo started delaying it to bring more possibilities to the game. In the shot below you can see Link climbing a mountain. What …

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