Monday , 27 February 2017


MetaArcade’s Adventure Platform – Play, Create, Get Paid

MetaArcade Logo2

I never really played Tunnels and Trolls. All I knew about the game was it was similar to Dungeons and Dragons, and it was easier to get into. So, when I fired up MetaArcade’s Adventure Platform I wasn’t sure what was about to happen. I was presented with a game with limitless possibilities for growth. User created content is the name of …

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Gorogoa: Strange Name, Brilliant and Beautiful Puzzler

gorogoa screen1

Tranquil, that would be the way I’d have to describe my time with Jason Roberts’ Gorogoa. When I say it’s Jason Roberts’ game, I mean it. The art, the story, the gameplay, it all comes from his brilliant mind. At PAX South I had the chance to speak with Jason about Gorogoa. Check out the intriguing trailer below, then read on for …

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Has-Been Heroes: A RougeLike No Other, Hands-On Impressions

I hadn’t heard of Finnish studio Frozenbyte‘s Has-Been Heroes until it was announced it would be on the Nintendo Switch. This weekend at PAX South, I had the chance to play this game, on the Switch with a Pro Controller, and I came away pleasantly surprised and eager to learn the intricacies of the game proper. The Pro Controller for Switch …

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Movie Buff and Maniac – Card Games for Movie Lovers

Movie Buff

It seems like every time I turned around at PAX South I bumped into another new card game. Be it a spin on Cards Against Humanity, or some new complex RPG, the card games were out in full force. Earlier this week, a day before PAX started, I got my hands on Golden Bell Entertainment‘s Movie Buff. The amount of fun you …

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PAX South 2017: A Still Growing Convention Full of Soul

PAX South Signage

San Antonio, home of the Spurs, the Alamo, and now the official spot for PAX South. Being that this is only the third PAX to grace the banks of the scenic San Antonio River, a tributary of the Guadalupe River, it isn’t quite as large as it’s East and West cousins. But, what PAX South lacks in size, it more …

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Delve Into Richard Launius Tabletop!

Delve board game cover art

If you’re a fan of Arkham Horror and Boss Monster, check out the Kickstarter for new tabletop board game Delve! The new dungeon builder on the block, Delve sets itself apart by promising a unique gaming experience. You will face off against other adventurers, kill monsters, and of course find treasure as you delve into this new tabletop. Game Overview: …

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Dirt 4 Gets An Exciting, New Trailer and A Release Date!

A car racing in Dirt 4

Dirt 4 is coming to you on June 9th, 2017 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 Video game publisher Codemasters has announced the release of their upcoming racing title, Dirt 4. With the latest installment of their popular racing franchise, CM looks to combine the gritty realism of their last release, Dirt Rally, with play mechanics that make the game …

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Marvel and Square Enix Team-Up for an Avengers Video Game!

Yesterday Marvel teased its fans over social media to save the date for today, promising a big announcement and boy, is it ever! Marvel announced they have joined Square Enix in a multi-year, multi-game partnership that will start with The Avengers project and there is of course a teaser for it which you can gaze your eyes upon below! Right …

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It’s Batman vs. Robin in This New Injustice 2 Trailer!

Injustice 2 title

Batman Vs. Robin: Dawn of Injustice 2 Gamers all over the world are buzzing after the release of the Injustice 2 trailer. The next adaptation of this Elseworlds version of our favorite heroes from DC Comics promises to turn an already-bizarre world on its head. If you need further explanation, check out this new trailer that features Batman versus the …

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