Thursday , 19 January 2017


Rumor: A Damian Wayne Batman Game Is On the Way

We need to face the facts, folks. Rocksteady is done making Batman games. That leaves the gargantuan task of filling their shoes up to WB Games: Montreal, the creators of Batman: Arkham Origins. The end of Origins featured a post-credits scene that teased a possible game based around the Suicide Squad. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below. Are we …

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Sea of Solitude: EA Originals’ Newest Indie Title

Last Thursday, on December 8th, EA announced that they will publish Sea of Solitude. This is the latest of EA’s acquisitions under its new label “EA Originals” which focuses on Indie-Games. Previously, in February 2015, Jo-Mei Games released screenshots and GIFs Sea of Solitude. Quickly after, the game earned itself a following for its stunning visuals. Showing off its unique art style, the GIFs present a strong …

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Final Fantasy XV’s FREE Holiday DLC: A Carnival, New Clothes, New Game+, and So Much More

Final Fantasy XV Carnival

If you’ve already reached the end of Noctis’ journey in Final Fantasy XV you’re probably wondering what’s left to do in the lush, enormous world of Eos. Sure, you can grind out hunts and tedious fetch quest, you could topple the mountain that is Adamantoise, or you could just pal around with your buddies in the awesome end-game dungeon. Whatever you choose …

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Final Fantasy XV: Honoring the Name of Final Fantasy (DHTG Review)

Final Fantasy XV Complete

Living Up to the Fantasy The Final Fantasy series changed the way I saw video games forever – specifically Final Fantasy VI. Until I played Sqare Enix’s (then known as Squaresoft) massive RPG, games were just about jumping on the heads of my enemies and saving princesses. Well, that or decapitating my friends in Mortal Kombat. Until Final Fantasy, games were just a …

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Todd Howard, Director of Skyrim and Fallout, to be Inducted into Hall of Fame

Todd Howard Hall of Fame

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and recognition of the interactive arts. Founded in 1996, the Academy, has more than 20,000 members, and has handed out numerous awards in over 20 categories since. In February of 2017, Todd Howard will join the upper echelons of the gaming world. Howard will be inducted …

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Looking for the NES Classic? Try winning the lotto

The new NES Classic is the hardest item to find this year. Since its release, it has flown off of shelves and is leaving people to pay hundreds of dollars to get one. Stores are helpless in their efforts to keep them in stock. Even Amazon can’t keep them in stock. ThinkGeek believes they have the answer.   In an …

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Pichu and Several More ‘Mon Added to Pokémon GO, Pikachu Get’s Festive!

Pokémon GO Holiday Pikachu

Every article from every outlet about Pokémon GO is guaranteed one thing. Someone will inevitably ask: “People still play this?” Yes, anonymous person in the comments, yes they do. It may not be surrounded by the fervor and hype of its starting days, but it is still enjoyed by millions world-wide. With that out of the way, Niantic has something in …

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‘Stardew Valley’ Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Month

Stardew Valley Title

Starting December 13th PlayStation 4 owners will finally be able to see what all the fuss over Stardew Valley is about. Xbox One gamers will have to wait until the 14th to start the peaceful life of a farmer. Stardew Valley hit the PC in February of this year and is still receiving rave reviews in the Steam store. It’s worth noting that …

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Assassin’s Creed III free on PC in December

Ubisoft is at the end of their 30 year celebration in which they have been giving away games for free. For their final offering, they are giving away Assassin’s Creed III for free on PC. Over the past seven months, Ubisoft has been giving away games during their 30th anniversary event. All you need is a Ubisoft Club membership and …

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The Last of Us Part 2 just revealed at PSX

There were a lot of surprises at PSX today, but probably the biggest surprise was the very early trailer for The Last of Us Part 2. The follow up to the 2013 Playstation hit closed out the PSX keynote and what a way to end it. The trailer shows an older Ellie playing a guitar with bloodied knuckles. We then …

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