Monday , 27 February 2017


Far Cry 4 drops a cool weapons trailer.

Behold all the ways you can kill a man (or men) in Far Cry 4. This trailer that just dropped is full of mayhem from the simple but silent Kukri all the way to the rain hell on them mortar. You want to know what’s bad ass? Tossing bait on a bad guy and watching a tiger jump him and …

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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor gets a cool Nemesis trailer.

In Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, players take on the role of Talion, a resurrected vengeance fueled killing machine. Each encounter with a baddie starts the Nemesis System, a powerful new way of viewing the bad guy. Every enemy is procedurally generated, that means they’re unique to the individual player, down to the shape, size, weakness, strength – everything. What …

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Peep these sweet Dragon Age: Inquisition character sheets.

Who else is excited for this game to come out in November? I know I can’t wait to become the Inquisitor and save Thedas. The character art is pretty bad ass and completely sets the mood for the game. Varric is looking particularly fetching and Cole I’d hate to anger. The waiting is almost over as Bioware claims the game …

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Gat goes to Hell in this developer walkthrough.

Image of Johnny Gat

If you’re like me, you love the Saints Row series. The wackiness, the mayhem and all around good times never seem to stop. When my peeps over at Deep Silver said they were making an expansion pack based on possibly the most popular Saint of all, I got giddy inside. Gat will star in the self titled Gat Out of …

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Microsoft now owns all you Minecraft pixels

As of today and the official press release from Microsoft all of you Minecraft pixels now belong to Microsoft. Microsoft gobbled up Mojang the maker of Minecraft for a cool $2.5 billion. So apparently they wanted it pretty bad. One thing I found very interesting in the deal was that all three of the original founders of Mojang will be …

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Microsoft Xbox One a fail in Japan?

Microsoft has released the Xbox One in Japan. This has always been Playstation and Nintendo territory so I don’t think anyone was planning on stellar numbers…just not this bad. 23,562 Xbox One units were sold in the first four days of the release of the Xbox. Playstation and Nintendo just murdering up any challenger. The PS4 sold 308,000 units as the Nintendo …

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Robin Williams World of Warcraft Easter eggs leaked early!

Last month when we wrote about losing one of the greatest actors of our time we were happy to also announce that there were rumors saying that World of Warcraft was going to memorialize him with some fun Easter eggs in the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion. Today on the web some of those Easter eggs have been leaked early and …

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Escape from Dead Island gets new trailer and launch date!

Image of the Escape from Dead Island Box art

The third person mystery take on the Dead Island experience, Escape from Dead Island finally gets a launch date. The game, which is set between Dead Island and the upcoming Dead Island 2, brings on the bloody combat while the main man fights off his own impending insanity. The going bonkers protagonist will unravel the origins of the outbreak and …

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