Monday , 27 February 2017


New Giveaway and review from ColorCables and DHTG!

Ever had those nights when you are fumbling around in the dark looking for your charge or sync cable? Yes you have. I know you have. You told me last week about that exact instance remember? Good news geeks our friends over at ColorCables have come up with a solution. They have released cables that actually glow in the dark. …

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DHTG Giveaway Time! Who Watches The Watchmen?!

Who Watches The Watchmen, are the words written on the wall from the angry mob of humanity tired of all those who would dare call themselves “heroes”. The epic tale written by Alan Moore thatĀ for the first time in comic history told the startling tale of what a world with heroes with real world problems would look like. Not every …

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Giveaway Time! Win Infinite Crisis #1- 7!!

We here at Don’t Hate The Geek are so grateful for our loyal geeky fans that it is time we did some more giveaways!! This is just the FIRST of many great prizes we have up for what will be many giveaways here on DHTG!! Entry is simple, we have the ever popular Rafflecopter widget below. You earn entries by …

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