Saturday , 21 January 2017


Captain America Tops Hollywood’s Bang For Buck Earnings List

Captain America from Avengers movie

Captain America star (and former human torch…too soon?) Chris Evans has proven to seemingly be the most cost-effective investment Marvel ever made. For two years running now, he has been Tinseltown’s biggest box office-to-paycheck earner. For every US$1 Evans got paid this year, his mighty shield yielded on average US$135.8. Not surprising at all since Captain America: Civil War alone cleared a cool …

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Fairy Tale in Flight: New Inflight Dating App

home page of airdates

The sound of heels clicking rapidly. Parents frantically trying to calm children. The faint intercom calls echoing throughout the airport. Little did you know; among all this organized chaos is the love of your life. Instead of letting your love sit two seats behind you obliviously, live out your romantic fairy tale in the modern age! Just imagine it; your …

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Details Emerge About the Nintendo Switch Live Stream


When Nintendo debuted the video for their new console, the Nintendo Switch, gamers everywhere wanted more. What is the price going to be? When will it be released? What is the launch-day game lineup going to look like? Nintendo promised these answers in due time, now we know when that will be. Nintendo has announced when their Nintendo Switch live …

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iOS 10.2 Released! Apple iPhone Nerds Rejoice!

iOS 10 on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Starting now, Apple is rolling out iOS 10.2. If you are holding a newer iPhone in your hand, expect to get the freshest and most stable version shortly. So, what’s new for 10.2? The brand new TV app – Apple’s new TV app keeps track of the movies and shows you are into. You will discover new apps and iTunes releases …

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Aquaman’s Evil Half-Brother, Orm to be Played by Patrick Wilson

Aquaman is set to finally have his very own feature length live-action film in a couple of years and he’s bringing some of his family along for the occasion of course, even those that might want him dead. One of Aquaman’s primary antagonists has just been casted for the 2018 installment into the DC Extended Universe and it’s a personal …

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NBC’s Powerless Adds Batman Connection to the Series

NBC’s upcoming sitcom set in the DC Universe, Powerless is set to premiere next month, but before it comes to air, its added on a big last minute change as to where exactly it takes place. The main crux of the show from the beginning was that it took place at an insurance company in the world of DC Comics …

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Galaxy Note 7 Euthanized by Samsung, but not on Verizon

Seems like the fiery Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga may finally come to an end. The manufacturer is rolling out a software update that will render the device inoperable. Major US carriers will push the update to the remaining 7% of Note 7 phones. However, Verizon Wireless refuses to cooperate, citing safety. Which is more dangerous? Not having a phone, or …

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Justice League 2 Pushed Back By The Batman

The Justice League Logo

Move over Justice League! It’s time to make room for The Batman. In a surprising announcement, Warner Brothers/DC Comics has announced that Justice League 2 will be pushed back to make room for the release of Ben Affleck’s The Batman. Justice League 2 was originally supposed to be released on June 14th, 2019. The Hollywood Reporter says that the official …

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Power Rangers Movie Zords Revealed Via Brand New Poster

What many fans of Power Rangers have been waiting to see of the upcoming film reboot are the Zords, which weren’t seen in the teaser trailer and have only been teased before in character posters. Well a new poster has come out that’s all about the personalized vehicles for the teenagers with attitude and you can gaze upon it yourself …

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Damian Lewis Possibly Close to Playing Ocean’s Eight Villain

The upcoming all-female led spinoff of the Ocean’s Eleven series, Ocean’s Eight seems pretty close to knowing who exactly their big mark is. Damian Lewis, currently on Showtime’s Billions and formerly on Homeland from the same network, is said to be nearing the finalization of a deal that would bring him into the star-studded film as its villain. Which is …

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