Saturday , 25 February 2017


Verizon Finally Gives into Unlimited Data! (Breaking News)

Screenshot of Verizon Wireless Unlimited announcement video

After seeing major competitors and smaller service providers eat up market share, Verizon is finally giving subscribers what they want. Beginning Monday, February 13, the nation’s largest carrier will offer a new unlimited data plan. Verizon released this video over the weekend: In the video, Ronan Dunne, Verizon Wireless Leader (odd title, no?) admitted that their customers have been forced to make …

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Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary includes original manga

For a series called FINAL Fantasy, it sure does have some longevity. Even now, Final Fantasy continues to take us on grand adventures though video games to movies. Now, in celebration of Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary, we go on another adventure. Final Fantasy Lost Stranger is the first original manga from the long running series. Written by Hazuki Minase and …

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Matt Reeves is Heading to Gotham City! The Batman Has New Director

Never fear fans of the DC Extended Universe for The Batman has found a brand new director. Matt Reeves has come on to direct The Batman, the upcoming standalone Batman film set within the DCEU after star Ben Affleck had recently stepped down from the role to better focus on acting the part, but is still credited as a producer. …

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Get Ready for Free Comic Book Day in May!

Free Comic Book Day

Expect to hear a lot more of this in the next few months! Free Comic Book Day is one of the largest annual geek events that, as the name says, invites everyone to take home some free comics. This event takes place the first Saturday in May every year at participating stores. Free Comic Book day started 15 years ago …

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Inhumans TV Series Moving Forward and has Working Title

Marvel Inhumans Logo

Marvel is on a roll with all of their TV shows, not just their films on the big screen. The list grows seemingly by the day, and includes Legion and an upcoming X-Men show. One show we are looking forward to in particular is the upcoming Inhumans series. It is set for an IMAX premiere in late summer 2017, before continuing on …

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‘Battlestar Galactica’ Icon Richard Hatch Passes Away at 71

Richard Hatch, best known to geeks as Apollo in Battlestar Galactica, or as Tom Zarek in the 2004 version of the series, has sadly passed away at the age of seventy one. Paul Hatch, son of actor Richard Hatch, released a statement on behalf of the family, which reads as follows: “February 7, 2017 — Paul Hatch, on behalf of the …

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The Magic School Bus will Ride Again- with Kate McKinnon at the Wheel

Netflix is set to revive one of everyone’s favorite childhood “edutainments” The Magic School Bus in a new animated series titled The Magic School Bus Rides Again. And we’ve just learned who’s going to be voicing the quirky, adventurous, and science loving teacher Ms. Frizzle-  Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon.   Whether you loved or hated the newest Ghostbusters film, …

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LG G6 is Official! Is 2017 the Year of the Bezel-Less Phone?

LG G6 event invite with big screen that fits slogan

Yup, we called it, and now it’s official. The LG G6 will be revealed at MWC (Mobile World Congress), on February 26, 2017. The South Korean electronics maker sent out invites to the event, teasing a “Big Screen That Fits.” Not only will the LG G6 go toe-to-toe with other flagships, and try to capitalize on Samsung’s recent woes. It will …

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Vizio Fined $2.2 Mil for Secretly Selling Your Info

vizio tv and ftc side by side

Cue the doom and gloom conspiracy theorists, because their nightmare is seemingly coming true. The internet of things is being exploited to spy on consumers. Vizio was just hit with $2.2 million in penalties by the FTC for doing just that. Vizio was penalized for misleading consumers on exactly what data was being collected by their smart TV’s, and where …

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First Pictures of Alicia Vikander in the Lara Croft Movie!

Lara Croft Game

It doesn’t take a nerd to recognize the name Lara Croft. This character has been the subject of numerous amazing video games, as well as one of the most financially successful video game to movie adaptations. While she was insanely popular in the nerd crowd for years, it was really the movie role in 2001 played by Angelina Jolie that …

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