Saturday , 21 January 2017


R. I. P. Ron Lester goes to the great beyond.

By the time 2016 is over, there’s going to be no celebrities left. We’ve seen way too too many greats go down and now Ron Lester has passed away. Late Friday evening, Lester, best known for playing the lovable but concussion prone Billy Bob in the excellent football movie Varsity Blues, was reported to have died after being taken off …

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Sorry T-Mobile fans but Domino’s said “No” to your free pizza.

image of the T-Mobile logo

That most certainly did not take long. T-Mobile and Domino’s partnered up for T-Mobile Tuesdays, an event where T-Mob customers could go to their local Domino’s and get a free pizza. What could possibly go wrong? Like I said, it didn’t take long as the T-Mobile faithful blew up the pizza shops looking to score their free pie. What most …

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Chris Pratt Wraps on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Yesterday acclaimed director James Gunn officially finished shooting scenes involving Pratt’s character Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In the short video Pratt and Gunn thank the crew for making a 90 day shoot go so smoothly by being on time and under budget, a feat Chris Pratt notes is rare and almost unheard of. They …

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Promotional Art For Samurai Jack Reboot Surfaces

The Instagram account of cartoonbrew recently released the new promotional art for the reboot of the well known Cartoon Network series Samurai Jack by the great Genndy Tartakovsky from the 2016 Annecy festival. Tartakovsky is known for taking over the 90’s with his animated works such as The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory. This upcoming reboot Samurai Jack will be a bit …

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Orphan Black back for one more round.

Right as BBC America’s hit sci-fi drama, Orphan Black wraps up its fourth season, news hit that its Clone Club of fans certainly weren’t expecting. Orphan Black was renewed for a fifth season of its usual ten-episode order, but it was also announced to be its last season. A press release was issued about the announcement and kind words were …

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‘Arrow’ Casts New Vigilantes For Season 5

Arrow - Stephen Amell - Season 5 - New Vigilantes

When CW’s Arrow returns for season five, get ready for a little vigilante-on-vigilante action. No, not that kind of action. Calm down, naughty fan-fic writers. Josh Segarra, of Sirens and Chicago P.D. fame, has been cast as Adrian Chase, the new district attorney of Star City. If the character sticks to his comic book roots, he promises to be a new foil for Stephen …

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Ricky Gervais Planned “The Office” Spin-off Netflix Bound VIDEO

In what’s not the only TV/movie news to emerge today, Netflix confirmed what star of “The Office” U.K., Ricky Gervais, said during an interview when he jumped the gun claiming the streaming giant will be releasing his planned “The Office” spin-off movie, “David Brent Life on the Road,” in 2017. Ricky Gervais couldn’t be happier that Netflix swooped in and scooped up the controversial comedian’s new …

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Donald Glover Possibly Cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming

A day after the new PlayStation 4 exclusive game for the friendly neighborhood superhero at E3 was announced, another bit of huge news for Spider-Man dropped. Once rumored to play Spider-Man himself, Community and The Martian actor Donald Glover is reportedly in talks right now to join the wall-crawler on the big screen. It’s reported that Glover will be joining the …

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R. I. P. Michu Meszaros of Alf fame

It's Michu Meszaros

2016 just won’t stop with the deaths, will it? We’ve lost music icons, cultural icons, and even a mountain of a man. Why though did it have to take away Alf actor Michu Meszaros? Alf was puppeted for the most part by the waist up but for the instances where they needed the cat muncher from Melmack roaming around full …

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