Saturday , 21 January 2017


Michael Keaton Comes Clean on Why He Left Batman

Keaton’s reason for leaving Batman is pretty simple… In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Michael Keaton explained why he left the Batman franchise that helped boost his career. After reading the script for the third movie (this was the first film Tim Burton didn’t direct. Instead, director Joel Shumacher took the helm) Keaton had a pretty simple …

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The Flash Might Meet the Fastest Man Alive Face to Face

Usain Bolt in his victory pose.

The Flash vs. Usain Bolt? Could we see The Flash going head to head with the real fastest man alive, Usain Bolt? If Bolt has his way, it’s a real possibility. In an interview with MTV, Bolt was asked whether or not he’d ever appear in a superhero movie. He gave the obvious answer, and I have to admit, it …

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Ryan Reynolds Thinks Logan is Oscar Worthy

black and white portrait of Hugh Jackman as Logan

Ryan Reynolds: Logan might “break that glass ceiling” for superhero films. We may or may not be seeing Deadpool in the upcoming Wolverine film, Logan, but Ryan Reynolds had some great things to say about the movie in an interview with Variety “Logan looks like a movie that might break that glass ceiling,” Reynolds said in the interview. “I know …

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Ryan Reynolds Talks About Deadpool’s Pansexuality

Deadpool and Unicorn

It is not a hidden secret that everyone has a chance to make Deadpool’s ‘red condom’ suit just a little tighter. In the comics, Deadpool has enjoyed the company of men, women, and anything in-between; but how much of that pansexuality will they transfer to the cinematic universe, and would Ryan Reynolds even be comfortable with it? While we do …

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Woody Harrelson is in Talks to Join the Han Solo Cast

Woody Harrelson is in talks to play Han Solo's mentor in the upcoming Han Solo film.

Woody Harrelson: Mentor to a young Han Solo Han Solo is getting his own standalone film, and from the news we’ve heard so far, it’s shaping up to be a lot of fun. Things may be getting even better; Variety has reported that Woody Harrelson is in early talks to play the role of Han’s mentor in the film. Recently …

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The Batman Doesn’t Seem Like a Sure Thing According to Affleck

Ben Affleck has truly made himself one of the biggest names in Hollywood again after a stumbling period. Both in front and behind the camera, he’s enjoyed some great success and whatever project he’s attached to regardless of role will certainly get some notice. But undoubtedly he doesn’t just put himself on to something or even make a project of …

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Doctor Strange Is Coming to Thor: Ragnarok

The Cast of Thor: Ragnarok Just Keeps Growing We recently reported that Thor: Ragnarok was going to be taking a trip to Planet Hulk. Apparently everyone’s favorite big, green bad ass isn’t the only Marvel hero we’ll be seeing in the upcoming film. In a recent release of D23’s newsletter, they touched on the films Disney has coming up. Guardians …

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Aquaman Stunt Team Is Prepping for Water Scenes


On the set of Aquaman: We’ve already seen news that pre-production has begun on DC’s Aquaman. Now it seems that the stunt performers are prepping for the film’s more grueling scenes, both by land and by sea. Keir Beck, the stunt coordinator for Aquaman, had this to say in an interview with 9news: “General stunt skills, fighting, y’know if there …

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Robin Williams Wanted to Play Hagrid in the Harry Potter Films

Rubeus Hagrid

Robin Williams Wanted to Play Rubeus Hagrid! It’s kind of hard to imagine now, but Robin Williams wanted to play a major role in the Harry Potter franchise. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, casting director Janet Hirshenson let it slip that Williams really wanted to play the role of Hagrid. He approached director Christopher Columbus about the role …

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Paid Volunteers Need Only Apply to Help Out at Phoenix Comicon

Comic conventions have gotten to be pretty big events from whoever is scheduled to be there and the numbers of attendants and that means it takes more than the event staff to coordinate the whole thing. Thus we salute you volunteers, working the long hours, helping people, and doing it all out of kindness and no pay. Its true that …

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