Thursday , 19 January 2017


iTECHOR G11 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset REVIEW


We have a new headset in for you geeks to feast your ears on. iTECHOR sent us out one of their latest and greatest Bluetooth 4.1 headset to try. If you do not have a pair of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds yet in your stable you might want to read on. Everyone should own at least one pair of wireless …

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Geek Gadget Review: Spider Ear Buds


Something happened to me…. It started out simple enough, a single pair of ear buds came with one of my phones. I set them aside because headphones and all. One day though, I was just too lazy to go get my cans. I decided to go ahead and use the pair of pack in ear buds, thinking I would use …

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Tom Clancy: The Division partial REVIEW with DHTG

All of you Black Friday shoppers out there might want to pay attention to this game…it’s your fault. 😉 Thanks to the geeks at Nebraska Furniture Mart for supplying our Xbox One copy of Tom Clancy: The Division. Be sure and check them out for the best prices on console games! Since launch two days ago I have been running …

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DXRacer WIDE Series Gaming Chair REVIEW with DHTG

My ass and my back wanted to take a minute out to write a review on one of the best things that has ever happened to them. Now most of you on this site are geeks, gamers, or computer fans and have come across this name in our realm waaaayyyy more than once….DXRacer. DXRacer is the only chair to go …

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CHOETECH 3 Coil Wireless Qi Charging Pad REVIEW

Why oh why cannot every phone just have wireless charging built-in? If you do not or have not ever had a phone that is capable of this feature you are really missing out. Qi charging pads make it so much easier to just sit your phone down on the pad and start charging away. There is normally two downfalls to …

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Far Cry Primal REVIEW with DHTG

ug…ug….nag….ug….nug….Oh sorry keyboard was stuck on Caveman. Welcome to the DHTG review of Ubisoft’s latest release Far Cry Primal. This review will be light weight and be easy on spoilers so feel free to read ahead. Far Cry Primal opens in 10,000BC (that’s in the past) with you, Takkar and a group of Wenja (your tribe) hunting Mammoth for food. …

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Street Fighter 5 GIVEAWAY with DHTG and NFM

You know you have been waiting on it and now it is time. Street Fighter 5 is finally launching and ready to bring the pain. Thanks to our friends over at NFM and the sweet PS4 promo they have going on, we got our hands on an early copy to check out.  If you purchase a PS4 and Street Fighter 5 …

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A little hike in the wilderness with DHTG. FIREWATCH REVIEW

So I spent the weekend walking through the wilderness…mostly alone. I was a little nervous though, because there were times that I wasn’t really sure what was going on and not really sure if I would make it out or not. I felt a little exhausted at times but I knew the trek was not long so I figured I …

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