Thursday , 19 January 2017


Ricoh Theta S 360° Camera REVIEW

Theta S

By now we all have seen at least one or two 360° videos on Facebook or YouTube. I know when looking at my first one I was not really sure what I was supposed to be doing. As I got the hang of moving around the video with my mouse (I think it was checking out a F16 cockpit while …

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Geek Review: Coocheer Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Many of you long time readers know that I’m quite the ear bud fanatic. I’ve tested a metric butt load (official unit of measurement) but the one thing I’ve never dabbled in until now was Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to our fine friends at Coocheer, I got to break into the field.   The Coocheer CH-080 I was sent is a …

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No key…no problem! Noke Smart lock REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

One technology that has not really changed very much over time is the padlock. When looking at pictures from 1950 compared to padlocks now you will notice only slight variations, but security for our homes, cars and even for our personal bodies have changed significantly. Then came Noke. We got our hands on a few of their smart padlocks to …

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Voltron: Legendary Defender – DHTG No Spoiler Review

In 1984 Toei Animation brought over a little show called Voltron from Japan to Western audiences. Quickly finding itself a part of every kid’s Saturday morning ritual and situating itself somewhere between Transformers and Ninja Turtles, Voltron was right at home on 80’s TV, and its message of camaraderie and brotherhood have stood the test of time. Now, some 30 …

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Parallel 2 iPhone Chargeable Phone Case by ‘Gosh!’ REVIEW


The Parallel 2 iPhone case is easy to use and great to use, and well-developed for those who are on the go and away from the ability to charge. The developers at Gosh! provided a well designed piece of equipment that is easier on your wallets compared to the competitors. The material used on the case is a fireproof ABS …

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JJRC H20 6-Axis Mini Drone (Review)


I was given the opportunity to check out the JJRC H20 6-Axis Mini Drone. This hexa-copter is small in size, but not quite as small as some of the nanos that I’ve seen and flown. For an RC drone, this one is very easy to set up as well as easy to learn flight controls. Specs Body Size: 16 x 14.4 …

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Preacher: ‘See’ REVIEW (SPOILERS)

Standing firmly on its own two feet as its own thing, Preacher this week improves over its pilot and presents some really good television. Right off the bat I can say Jesse is indeed a more interesting character since Genesis has inhabited him. Still not a big fan of the show sticking in Annville, but I’m starting to see some …

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‘Outcast’ – A Darkness Surrounds Him REVIEW


Following the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead (TWD), another project of co-creator Robert Kirkman has come to television. Outcast is based on Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta’s comic by the same name. The comic is so good that it made our list of “13 Comics to Celebrate Friday the 13th With” which you can check out here. Instead of flesh-eating zombies, the comic and TV …

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Coocheer Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review!

coocheer headphones

I’m going to start off by being very honest with you geeks, I’ve always been a headphone gal rather than an earbuds gal. The few times I’ve tried various earbuds, they never felt comfortable. Earbuds often felt cumbersome and awkward, they would fall out of my ears randomly and they just never seemed “right”. The audio experience was never really a pleasurable …

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Arozzi Verona Pro Gaming Chair REVIEW

These days being a geek and nerd normally means you spend more time in a chair than on two feet. If it’s due to the long nights of pwning the competition, or a heavy day coding at the office, making sure that we are comfortable through these times can be more important than you ever know. Arozzi knows this and …

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