Monday , 27 February 2017


Understand everyone with the Pilot Translator

The Pilot is available in 3 colors

The Pilot in-ear translator lets you hear English when the person talking to you is speaking French, Spanish or Italian, and lets them hear their own language back. I think that’s amazing. It’s not quite on par with a Star Trek universal translator, or even a Babel fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the books, not the unfortunately disappointing …

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Changes To Twitter 140 Character Limit

Alas! Twitter users will be relieved to hear that posting pictures and links will no longer affect your 140 character limit posts. According to Bloomberg, the change could take place within two weeks, however the source has not been revealed due to the fact that the decision to add these changes have not been made public knowledge. Links can take up to …

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MIT Develops “Ingestible Origami Robots”

From the brilliant minds of MIT, researchers there are now working prototypes of ” ingestible origami robots”. These little robots will be able to preform certain medical procedures like administering medication, patching wounds and clearing bodily obstructions such as a battery lodged in the stomach. Although these little machines are in the earliest stages of development, the range of work they …

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Dark Sky now available for Android

It is about damn time…Yes that’s right Dark Sky (one of the top weather app for Apple users) has finally hit the Google Play Store. When using my iPhone I adore Dark Sky and immediately jumped on board with my Android devices. Dark Sky is known for its notifications letting you know down to exacts on when weather is starting …

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Captain America Electromagnetic Shield [VIDEO]

We’ve all almost certainly thought about wielding the mighty shield of Captain America. Fess up, you totally have and how could you not? The thing is awesome and just completely badass. Huge imagination can always turn a trashcan lid into it and there are the officially licensed plastic shields, but you just can’t find an electromagnetic shield like Cap used in …

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The plug that will reset your router

Reset Plug

When the internet goes down, again, we usually find that all we need to do is reset the router. Sounds simple enough, but then you have to get down on your hands and knees to fish the router out from the tangle of wires behind your desk. It’s particularly frustrating when you’re helping that friend or relative that doesn’t know …

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Bringing Back the Brain Dead with ReAnima


Though it seems like the premise for a bad movie, using stem cells to bring the brain dead back to life could be a real thing. Please bear in mind I said could be I’m still not certain whether or not this is an elaborate hoax. Let me explain what’s going on, and then I’ll tell you why I think …

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Virtual Reality takes painting to an otherworldly level! [VIDEO]

Vocativ, a technological hub, showcased the beautifully intricate use of virtual reality in their stunning visual display of digital art by Tilt Brush. Creating artist masterpieces just took on an all new meaning with this otherworldly use of interactive technology. The artist shown is seen painting magnificent landscapes with all sorts of colours that seem too good to be true. …

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Oculus Rift Hitting Shelves Before Preorders Fullfilled

Oculus Rift

This coming weekend is going to be a busy one. Mother’s Day (you can check out our Mother’s Day Star Wars gift guide here.) is Sunday,  Free Comic Book Day on Saturday and now according to Oculus, their Retail Experience kicks off this weekend as well.  48 Best Buy stores will have a small amount of Rifts available for purchase starting Saturday, May …

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Incredible SeeNote now up for pre-order

A small white square shaped electronic device with black writing on the screen. A yellow light illuminates from the sides of the square device. A kitchen blurred out in the background.

Despite what could be said about the traditional Sticky Note, everyone can agree they’re extremely useful in a pinch. Whether you’re just passing around notes at home or writing down important numbers at work, they just get the job done. What also gets the job done are the scheduling apps we have on our mobile devices, mixed in with the …

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