Thursday , 19 January 2017


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is what Mirror’s Edge should have been

A brightly lit city, mainly white in color, with tall glass buildings in the background. An asian woman in a black vest and white pants with a tattoo across her right arm crouches in the foreground with a serious expression on her face.

I recall 2008’s Mirror’s Edge as having colorful scenery, fun running mechanics, unique environments, while in spite of all of that beauty – it still being extremely frustrating to play. The game featured some incredible use of primary colors and lighting throughout it’s mainly linear, 8-10 hour length story driven campaign. Running through the rooftops (mostly) of a brightly lit cityscape, …

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First Look: Batman: The Killing Joke VIDEO

From the Killing Joke

Words escape me. I never thought in a million years that DC would actually adapt one of the first Batman tales that ever “went there” for me. Still, every time I read it, when IT happens I get shocked and outraged. Now sure most of you know what I’m talking about but some may not so I won’t spoil it. …

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DC Universe Online coming to Xbox One [TRAILER]

  DC Universe Online is coming to Xbox One soon. Though the game was originally launched in 2011 through Playstation 3 and later on the PlayStation 4, players will not be able to cross play between the two. The fan base that has risen over the last five years has proven loyal and bringing the game to Xbox will surely …

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Snikt, Snikt, bub! Wolverine teaser in X-Men: Apocalypse! VIDEO

It's Wolverine

That’s right geeks, thanks to the furry fuzz ball himself, Hugh Jackman, we got a teaser of Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse! As you can tell by the above video, it’s just the claws but it’s enough to satiate the fans, like myself, who were frothing at the mouth to see the ole Canuklehead in arguably the biggest X movie ever. …

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Lego: Civil War Trailer is EPIC! (VIDEO)

Lego Civil War

Everyone loves Lego including us. Everyone is getting hyped for Captain America: Civil War. Why not have both? YouTube user JimA73 has made our dreams come true! Wasn’t that just absolutely perfect? Shot for shot! You can watch a side by side below to see for yourself. With comic book movies taking over the theaters, it’s hard not get excited …

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New Independence Day Trailer Drops! [VIDEO]

We gave you the first one, now we’re back with another for Independence Day Resurgence and oh my goodness is it grand! The new trailer brings back some old favourites as well as some new faces. Witty one liners, hilarity and alien-based thrills – June can’t get here fast enough! Independence Day is set to drop June 24th, 2016!

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Persona 5 Mystery Countdown Makes an Appearance

Persona 5 art

Today fans of the Persona series are buzzing around like anxious children on Christmas morning. On the JRPG series’ website for Persona 5, a countdown clock appeared. What’s this counting down to? Well, nobody is quite sure yet. (Other than the developers at Atlus, of course.) Fans have already had their hopes up for a while. The fifth installment of …

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Sony Reveals ‘The Magnificent Seven’ Teaser

The new Magnificent Seven line up, ready for battle.

Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Ethan Hawke…wow, just wow.  Three of the leads in Sony’s remake of the classic western The Magnificent Seven.  Today Sony dropped the teaser for this film. First thoughts are that it looks good.  It has a few good quips and some good action beats.  The visuals look great.  Chris Pratt seems to be playing the role that …

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Jason Bourne First Trailer Released

Jason Bourne peering down the scope of a sniper rifle

We’ve seen TV spots and we’ve seen brief, yet awesome teasers. Now we get our first good look at the upcoming Jason Bourne movie courtesy of Universal Pictures. What makes this trailer great is that we get a sense of when in the timeline this movie is occurring. Director Paul Greengrass touches on things that have happened in the world giving …

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Whispers of the Old Gods Release Date

A troll ready to play hearth stone

Blizzard just announced on its Twitter and main website the release date for the next Hearthstone expansion. Whispers of the Old Gods will begin spreading its fear on April 26th in America and in Europe and on the 27th in Asia. The latest expansion consists of a 134 new cards along with the re-tweaking of several old favorites. Along with the …

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