Sunday , 19 February 2017


Rogue One Gets 16-Bit-ified and it is Awesome! (VIDEO)

Rogue One

As gamers, we can appreciate the style of the older generation of games – the throw back to the older graphics that brings us back to the early days. The YouTube channel JoBlo Movie Trailers are known for their 8-bit renditions of popular videos in this nostalgic style. Though their segment within their channel is called 8-Bit Trailers, their latest piece of entertainment …

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Man Proposes With Super Mario Maker

Super mario maker proposal

An Arkansas man by the name of Shane Birkinbine made news by posting his epic proposal to his girlfriend using Super Mario Maker. Super Mario Maker, which was developed and published by Nintendo, is a game creation system allowing the user to build custom game levels and share them. It’s revealed over the course of the two minute video that the …

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Stephen Colbert & Seth Rogen: YouTube Movie Critics VIDEO

stephen colbert

Stephen Colbert and Seth Rogen took on a Late Show sketch called “Not at the Movies with Gil Peaches”. Colbert plays Gil Peaches, a dry and unusual fellow who has taken to YouTube as a movie critic. His rating system is absolutely hilarious and random, and includes garbage, acorns, and apples. He reviews The Jungle Book, which he thinks is …

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Mario Kart On Ice, Because Why Not? [VIDEO]

It may be playoff season for the NHL, but sometimes you just got to get a quick session of Mario Kart in. Last night at game 3 of the eastern conference finals between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Pittsburgh Penguins, fans were treated with a video projection of Mario Kart with a couple of additional characters added. Thunderbug, who is …

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Justice detoured, Batman tries dance off to escape police. VIDEO

Here we go, Batman is again on the lam from the police. Not the Gotham City Police but the local cops in Monroe, Georgia. He runs down an alley and whoopsy, he’s surrounded. Not good for the Dark Knight and his quest for justice. What happens next is quite the surprise, he throws down some sick moves in his epic …

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