Monday , 27 February 2017


Code 8 – A different Superhero movie

The cops need to call in a Code 8

Code 8 is an amazing Sci-fi short by Robbie and Stephen Amell is being crowdfunded at IndieGoGo to become a full length feature film. I really hope it does. The movie shows us a world in which 4% of the world has superpowers, but the majority of them are poor. Instead of saving the world or fighting villains, they’re fighting …

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Yandere Simulator, a game in development!

Yandere Simulator: a game set in high school where you play as a high school student. What could be more innoc—wait a minute? Yandere? What is a Yandere? A Yandere is a type of girl in Japan who will stalk a specific person and kill anyone they believe to be a rival. This game isn’t your normal High School Simulation “dating” …

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Watch the first five minutes of Preacher here! [Video]


AMC released the first five minutes of the Preacher series today on their Snapchat. With Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg at the helm, they have somehow managed to capture the complete essence of the comic series. It is dark, mischievous, snarky, and everything fans have come to love about what that makes Preacher Preacher. And now it is becoming a …

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New Overwatch Animated Video Highlights Hanzo and His Past [VIDEO]

Blizzard is flying so high right now with their wildly successful open beta for their upcoming shooter Overwatch. Following the success and open anticipation about the release, there have been videos, comics based off of the characters, and so much more surrounding the latest title. In the latest animated short by Blizzard, “Dragons” showcases one of the beloved defensive heroes from the game: …

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FIRST LOOK: Mr. Robot’s Second Season Trailer Is Here! [VIDEO]

Mr. Robot

The Official trailer just dropped for the upcoming second season of Mr. Robot starring Until Dawn‘s Rami Malek. The trailer was announced today at the NBC’s 2016 conference and you can watch it here first: This award winning show is a hit with any tech geek filled with philosophical queries and endless action. The second season will be centered around what …

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My Little Pony, Hearth’s Warming Tail

In yet another cartoon sum up after Steven Universe, I am now going to bring you My Little Pony! How do I sum up five seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP: FiM) in just a few paragraphs? The first season is pretty good, but you can tell the show was originally meant to be viewed mainly by children …

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Former Game Developer Opens Up About The Horrors He Faced While in Iranian Prison [VIDEO]

Amir Hekmati, former video game developer (Kuma Reality Games) and United States Marine, is now seeing reparations for the physical and mental torture he endured during the nearly five years of imprisonment he experienced while the Iranian government kept him in custody. He was released back in January from the prison he has been trapped in since 2011. The Marine …

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Your Favorite Movie Trailers Re-imagined [Video]


Trailer Mix is part of Mashable Watercooler on YouTube, and brings you a weekly re-imagining of your favorite movie trailers. The way they tweak the trailers with different cuts and music is incredibly entertaining. Your favorite comedies are now dramas, childhood classics are turned to horror, Sci-Fi is turned into 90’s sitcom. Let’s take a look at some of the …

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