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Catterbox – What did your Cat just call me?

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. May 1, 2016
The World's First Talking Cat Collar

The World's First Talking Cat Collar

What did I just watch? Is it really possible to translate a cat’s meows into human speech? Catterbox could be amazing, or it could be the greatest prank of all time. My own cat, Scotty, is my best buddy, but I often find myself frustrated because I have no idea what he’s trying to tell me. Especially when he wanders around the apartment yowling, and completely ignoring me. What exactly is he calling for? Perhaps Catterbox is the answer.

I’ve heard the idea before that cats only meow for humans. It makes sense to me that the different noises mean different things. The thing that bothers me though is this. How could cats possibly have a consistent language? Surely cats that have been raised away from other cats would have a different dialect from cats that grew up together. How could a barn cat in Minnesota have the same set of meows as a housecat in London?

Perhaps I’m overthinking it, and cats somehow instinctively all express themselves exactly the same way no matter where they’re from or how they were raised. If so can we teach the same trick to people please? I suppose it’s possible that subtle differences in expression don’t matter, and that the device just reads tone and intensity. If Catterbox isn’t just a hoax, I’d be very interested in learning what Scotty has to say, and also what else can be done with this technology.

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