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Celebs are Geeks too!

written by Sin July 20, 2015
You have my attention..

You have my attention…..

It’s pretty well-known on the intrawebz these days that there are a few celebs out there who are gamers.  One of the most popular World of Warcraft players out there is Vin Diesel.

What a lot of people didn’t know however, is that he is to this day a massive Dungeons and Dragons fan as well!  The celeb posted this photo on his Facebook yesterday, of a cake he received for his 48th birthday.

I'm kinda jealous...

I’m kinda jealous…

How awesome is THAT?!  I think anyone who was a D&D fan would be happy with that cake!  And just goes to show, even celebs are geeky like the rest of us.

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