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Charmander, I Choose You! Build-a-Bear Plush Announced!

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson December 7, 2016
Charizard Plush

From his toothy grin to the flame on his tail, everyone’s favorite fire-starter has hit shelves!

Charizard Plush

Build-a-Bear has released another plush in its Pokémon collection. You can now choose Charmander either online or in stores! If you buy online Charmander comes in a bundle. It includes the plush with Charmander’s soundbite, a great ball hoodie, a Lucario hoodie, and an exclusive trading card. You can also go to any Build-a-Bear Workshop and stuff your own Charmander.

While you can order online if you choose to stuff your own you can choose to make it more squishable or firmer to stand up better on its own. The choices are all up to you, and this makes Build-a-Bear’s plushes unique to other Pokémon collectables. Clothing is also available for the plushes that will fit any and all Build-a-Bears! If they ever release a Squirtle plush you can head over to their store and pick up a pair of sunglasses to recreate the Squirtle squad. If that isn’t #squadgoals I don’t know what is!
squirtle squad

There are also two other plushes in the collection to choose from. Eevee and Pikachu are also available in stores and have their own web-exclusive bundles! Any of the plushes would make wonderful Christmas gifts for the Pokémon trainer in your life. There is a 25% off sale site-wide for online orders now! Go catch your very own, no pokéball required! If you know a young trainer with a birthday coming up Build-a-Bear Workshop also hosts parties where all trainers can stuff their own Pokémon! With three to choose from and more sure to be released you can catch ’em all and build the cuddliest team to date.

Build-a-Bear Workshop’s last Pokémon release was Pikachu, also available in an online exclusive bundle with a 6 different soundbites. Especially relevant, a Charmander hoodie is included in the bundle. Now in Charmander’s bundle you get a Lucario hoodie, seems like I see a pattern! Probably Lucario will be the next plush released in the collection! Maybe they will complete the original starter trio by adding Bulbasor and Squirtle! Check here for more updates on the collection.

What Pokémon will you choose? Will you stuff your own or go for the online bundle? Let us know in the comments below!

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