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Chewbacca Mom and Family Receive Full College Scholarships

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. June 8, 2016

Everyone remembers Candace Payne or as many know her: Chewbacca Mom. When Candace went to Kohl’s to return some clothes that didn’t fit right and when she came out she had gotten a Chewbacca mask and decided to make a Facebook live video titled “The Simple Joys in Life.” We also remember that she was visited by J.J. Abrams, the director of Star Wars VIII: The Force Awakens, and was able to sit down and talk to him.

Chewbacca Mom

Well, Chewbacca Mom went on a tour of Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida with their mascot Scorch. Little did she know there would be a surprise awaiting her near the end of her tour.

Midway through the tour she got all excited because there was a Chik-Fil-A on Campus, admittedly that is pretty awesome, considering most colleges don’t have fast food chains on campus they usually have their own weird cafes, diners, and restaurants. Candace even pulled out her Chewbacca mask to show Scorch. You can see by the way Scorch was moving around he recognized her from her facebook live video.

On a small pit stop, a man came onto the Golf Cart and called Chewbacca Mom’s name, she thought it was Abrams at first, however, it was Doctor K.J. Ingle, the president of Southeastern University.

“Sorry about the tour, I heard it’s been rough. How about I make this the best tour ever?” –Doctor Ingle.

Simply because Candace has been making people around the world smile with her Chewbacca Mom debut as well as inspiration President Ingle offered Candace and her family full tuition-free scholarships. Candace said that turned her tour into the best tour ever and that it was worth every penny.

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