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Chill kids Headphones from Rokitboost REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg February 24, 2016

One area that I feel is really missing great quality equipment is kids audio. As you walk through any grocery store you will see kids with little super heroes labeled headphones that you can tell they got from the checkout stand for about $3. I can only imagine what the sound quality in these kinds of earbuds and headphones would sound like. The geeks over at Rokitboost know this as well. They sent us out a pair of their new Chill headphones that are made for kids but have high enough sound quality to work for adults as well. GIVEAWAY BELOW.


I opened up the pink box to check out the new Chill headphones and of course my daughter who can spot anything pink in the house was already at my side asking “what her present was”. I showed her the new headphones and told her that she was getting her first set of “big-girl headphones”. As a 3 year-old she wasn’t really sure what that meant other than “they look like the things daddy always wears”. I plugged them in to listen to them first to make sure they were not too loud or would not be uncomfortable to her little ears. I was very impressed right away.

For $24.99 the build quality as with most Rokitboost items was amazing. The sound was clear and bass sounded good. The headset was expandable enough to fit all the way from her little three-year old head to my big old head so any age would work on these. Limited to 85db you do not have to worry about the kids turning up the volume to unsafe levels.

We plugged into the iPad and she was so happy. She could sit in her own little world and watch her movie without anyone bugging her and no other noises getting in. Great headset for kids and parents alike. Good news geeks. Our friends over at Rokitboost are giving away three sets of the Chill headphones. Very easy to enter just do a few things below and we will be picking winners 2/28/2016.

Chill Headphones from RokitBoost

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