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CHOETECH Multi-Port USB Charger Review

written by Alex Lopez December 30, 2016

I am horrible about charging my electronics. With the exception of my phone, most everything else ends up dying on me when I really need it. The biggest reason for this? Not enough wall adapters for my USB cables. So many of my electronics come with a charging cable but no adapter. I end up having to use my phone adapter to charge my gaming headset or wireless headphones. Well folks, the CHOETECH  Multi-Port USB Charger is the solution.

choetech charger

The Multi-Port USB Charger from CHOETECH solves a couple of problems. First, you are able to charge up to five devices at a time. If you are like me and have tons of electronic devices, this saves a lot of time. This product works well for an office environment or any environment where multiple people may have a need for a chargers. Second, it also helps keep wall outlets free and available for other uses. So many products require a wall outlet to operate. With the CHOETECH Multi-Port Charger, there is no need to unplug your phone in order to vacuum in a certain room. You can plug it in an area out of the way and still have plenty of outlets available.

What’s in the box? What’s in the box??

The outside design of the sleeve features a picture of the charger on one side and a list of features and specs on the back side. Once you slide off the sleeve and open the box, you will see the charger itself, a power cable, instructions and a small booklet with “Happy” on one side and “Not Happy” on the other. The booklet just gives you ways to communicate with CHOETECH about your satisfaction or not with the product. It’s a neat way of presenting it, though. It got my attention, that’s for sure.

choetech charger unbox

The design of the CHOETECH Multi-Port Charger is pretty simple. On the top of the charger are five USB slots with an LED indicator next to them, letting you know if the device is turned on or off. The ON/OFF switch is on the side of the charger and below that the power cable plugs into the charger. The charger itself is lightweight and easy to carry around which is great for traveling.

Features for days

I want to touch on a couple of the features of the CHOETECH Multi-Port Charger. The first is the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. This feature allows the charger to charge certain devices up to four times faster than your normal charger. This is definitely a plus when your phone needs a quick charge. The second feature is the High-Tech Smart Ports. These ports will identify the device plugged in and offers the maximum current according to the device type. This is an amazing feature given all of the negative feedback about non factory chargers. These ports will keep from over-charging and damaging your devices.

multi charge

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this charger. Being able to charge a pair of headphones while also charging a Bluetooth speaker is great. With the CHOETECH Multi-Port Charger, I can charge any of my electronic devices and I don’t have to worry about looking for a wall adapter anymore. This is an amazing product that would definitely recommend to anyone.

Purchase the CHOETECH Multi-Port USB Charger here.

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