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Choetech Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and Adapter Review

written by Jordan Cobb December 11, 2016

Hey there geeks, I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of Bluetooth wireless sport earbuds by Choetech and I feel like being honest on a few fronts before diving deeper into this. I’m much more of an over-the-ear sort of person, I’ve never really needed a Bluetooth headset, and I’ve never messed around with wireless headphones of any kind before so testing these out was a bit of a journey for me and I have collected several findings on not just those but Choetech’s Wireless 4.1 Transmitter and Receiver 2-in-1 Handsfree Adapter.

As said this is my first foray really into any kind of Bluetooth technology and that meant I read the manual to this right away. Once that was done, I was able to get the hang of things pretty quickly. Synching these up with my Pantech Hotshot was honestly a breeze every time I did so and it was fast, efficient, and easy. The same can’t be said however for my MacBook Pro, which yielded mixed results. Any time I turned Bluetooth on my laptop and tried to pair them up, it would sometimes synch up right away, but other times it took a good long while for them to get on the same page so the connectivity of these earbuds got a mixed reception to me.


When it comes to any new pair of headphones or earbuds, how they feel are important since you or I are gonna be wearing these for an extended period of time and these feel really good. Their design is sleek and smooth to easily put on or take off whenever you need. The hooks around the ears help to keep them tight and secure for your listening pleasure be it calling up a friend or jamming out to some tunes. They of course come with small, medium, and large ear cushions as they are earbuds, but I went with the medium pair for this review since they really fit my ears the best. The design also means you can take these out when needed and let the hang around your neck in a secure fashion be it with the adjustable clip or not.

Now for what I’m sure you’re all wondering about, the sound quality and on these they are outstanding! I put these to the test against the likes of David Bowie, Motorhead, Childish Gambino, and the Talking Heads then hopped on over to Netflix for a few episodes of Daredevil and man did they provide the most amazing quality. These held up against the loudest things I could possibly play and the bass from these was very deep and powerful while providing exceptional sound throughout that was incredibly easy to hear. Nothing sounded muddled or lost at all.

As far as phone calls go they are very useful if you want some freedom as you chat with your friends or family. When I would dial people and receive calls, quality was crystal clear perfect and the controls of turning the volume up or down and answering and receiving calls were quick to really pick up. The mic managed to pick up everything I said and I even tested these out on Skype and they were exceptional there as well. Noise cancellation was also fantastic as I could barely hear a pin drop around me when listening with these.


In terms of longevity these held out spectacularly as I was able to listen to music and have plenty of phone calls for hours upon hours before needing to recharge them via USB. They can be used for up to six hours of music listening and phone calls and the recharge time is significantly quick. When these needed some charging, it was fast and then right back to work. The LED light indicator did wonders, as my phone and laptop were incapable of giving me a battery indicator to see when I would need to plug them in. These have up to about 10 meters of wireless range on them from your device and have 180 hours of standby time as well so they can go the distance.

Given these are sport earbuds, I decided to test that out myself with my usual workout. These are said to be sweat-proof and I can confirm that they are, but results were mixed how they worked. When I did my more physical parts at home, sound was perfect, no problem. When I went on a walk about my neighborhood, reception got spotty sometimes. Not sure what the cause was but often in between the smooth listening of my tunes and podcasts, there would be a little bit of static.


Now that was all the fun I had with the earbuds. As said I was also sent along by Choetech a wireless transmitter and receiver that can adapt any pair of wired headphones and earbuds into a hands-free set. I used my primary set of headphones for these and they synched up with my phone perfectly, not at all my computer. Regardless the adapter worked just as well as the earbuds. Acoustics on the music was good, the phone call quality was outstanding, and noise cancellation held up fairly well. Controls were easy and simple to use even for me, so these should be a breeze for just about anybody else.

Getting both devices to simultaneously synch up or to synch up with any other device to make it a wireless speaker, that was a difficult challenge for me and I could never really get the hang of it. The times I seemed to get things just right, I couldn’t hear any sound at all. I tried this over and over and read the manual, but nothing came of it sadly.

Overall both products get a solid recommendation from me. Though there are a couple of slight problems, they don’t overall kill the products and at the time of this writing, they are available on Amazon for $38.99 for the earbuds and $34.99 for the adapter and those are great prices for some cool new tech. I never really heard of Choetech before, but now I think they might need a little more of my attention for whenever I want some new phone accessories.

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