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Civilization VI is new and familiar

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. May 12, 2016
Civilization VI official announcement

Civilization VI official announcement

I have loved the Civilization series of games since I watched the intro for the first game in my local video game store. There’s something about being able to build a Civilization up from scratch and control it’s cultural, scientific and military development that fascinated me. It still does.

In this latest Civilization we will see some new features to the game that we haven’t before. This includes cities that expand as their population grows, instead of taking up just one tile on the map. The surrounding terrain and resources will affect this, and introduce a new element of strategy. You can also speed up your Civilization’s rate of development by your actions. Actively exploring, developing the environment and discovering new cultures will unlock boosts to speed up your progress.

As time passes, negotiations with other cultures becomes more advanced. Threats of aggression in primitive civilizations become diplomatic discussions regarding alliances and trade negotiations later on. You can also combine your military units of different types. Your settlers can move with a support unit of warriors to help them survive as you expand.

These new features all add subtle improvements to gaming elements that have made the Civilization series truly great.

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