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Clementine Could Make Her Way to Image’s The Walking Dead

written by Jake Tanner February 2, 2017

Skybound Editorial Director Sean Mackiewicz says we could see Clem on The Walking Dead

Could Clem be coming to The Walking Dead

It seems like every adaptation of the smash-hit The Walking Dead is it’s own entity for the most part. AMC’s hit show has characters (like the Dixon brothers) that the comics don’t. Telltale made a video game series that has many, many characters that neither the show or the comics have, but that might change. Accord to Skybound Editorial Director Sean Mackiewicz who was answering fan letters at the end of The Walking Dead #163, Robert Kirkman and company haven’t ruled out Clementine making her way over to the hit comic series in some form. Here’s the interaction at the end of the book:

Hello team!

With ‘New Frontier’ (episode 1 and 2) being released, and seeing as how Clementine and Jesus end up crossing paths, can you give and details on the [likelihood] of Clementine showing up in the comic or the TV show? Obviously the characters in the comic book are not frozen in time when they are not being written about (could you imagine?) and the events between Clementine and Jesus could happen ‘off screen,’ but as you have said that ‘New Frontier’ and the comic are around the same time frame, it seems if there were a time to introduce her (in the comic) it would be soon. A reappearing character would be nice (fingers crossed!!), but even a single appearance would be amazing!


Matthew Friesen

Here’s Mackiewicz’s response:

Telltale’s latest installment of their [‘The Walking Dead’] game series, ‘The New Frontier,’ occurs during the time jump after [‘The Walking Dead’] #126. So a lot could happen before she ever appeared. And that’s not me trying to be coy. I have no idea… yet. It takes time to write those things.


This is by no means a confirmation that Clem is showing up anywhere else in the Walking Dead universe, but it’s definitely fun to think about how they could use her character in the comics, or even the show!

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier has 2 episodes available right now, you can pick them up right here on PS4 and Xbox One. The game is also available on PC, iOS, and Android.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Clem on the show or in the comics? Who else would you like to see make their way over from one medium to another? (I know Daryl will be a popular answer!) We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so join in on the conversation in the comments below and tell us what you think!

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