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Clowns (Real Ones) Condemn Clown Sighting Trend

written by Jude Kasekamp October 11, 2016
Image of Pennywise

Image of Pennywise the ClownClown sightings are everywhere, and I wish I were making this stuff up. Hopefully, you have seen these videos and photos of creepy-ass clowns terrorizing people all over the US and elsewhere. Hopefully, you haven’t encountered them in person. We at DHTG had originally reported on clown sightings in California way back in 2014. This is now a widespread and terrifying phenomenon that is spanning the globe. Our social media feeds have been flooded with clown sightings, as innocent people flee from them.

If you weren’t taking this threat seriously, the World Clown Association has made it clear. This is no laughing matter. In an interview with 6PR radio in Perth, Western Australia, Randy Christensen (President) makes the WCA’s stance public:

“No professional clown would ever take part in anything like that… People put on a mask and they feel like nobody can tell who they are. And once again, that has nothing to do with professional clowning. This is a person who wants to terrify, and they found a freedom, and I guess get a thrill out of causing that type of terror in people. We at the World Clown Association stand totally against that.”

Have a listen to the full interview that is totally serious and not a joke!

I don’t suffer from coulrophobia. However, like any other educated and intelligent geek, I do know better. I do know what Pennywise is all about, and I agree wholeheartedly with Ozzy Man‘s explicit analysis in the video below:

So, let me know in the comments: What do you geeks out there think? Is this a guerrilla marketing campaign gone rogue, or is this simply the new rad thing to do to close out 2016? What would you do if one of these clowns came at you? I know I would run the f***er over real quick.

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6PR Radio

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