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CNN Closes Down Beme, Casey Neistat Exits Company

written by Jordan Cobb January 25, 2018
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Both YouTube star Casey Neistat and his app, Beme are now done at CNN.

CNN acquired the video-share app from Neistat in late 2016 for $25 million dollars and brought him along as well to work with the company, but as of today, Neistat and co-founder Matt Hackett have left the news channel and Beme as well.

Plans for Beme were that CNN would create an independent news program that would be operated daily using the app itself, but Neistat stated that they just couldn’t come up with a strategy to launch Beme News.

Beme App

Neistat said he slowly became frustrated and started to distance himself from the company.

He said,

I couldn’t find answers. I would sort of disappear, and I would hide, and I would make YouTube videos for my channel because at least I would be able yield something. I don’t think I’m giving CNN what I want to give them, and I don’t think they’re getting value from me.

The grand plans the YouTuber had for the platform seemed to hit that all too familiar wall of creative differences. Despite his departure, the Beme News channel on YouTube will keep existing within CNN. They said they will find different positions for all of Beme’s employees across the company, but there are still going to be some layoffs.

About the situation, CNN’s general manager of digital business said in a statement:

You can’t be afraid to take chances if you want to stay on top of an industry that is changing every day. This was a chance worth taking — we built products and developed key talent that has made CNN stronger.

Neistat himself has already uploaded a vlog on his channel about the situation.

The news of this does come as a shock. Neistat has cultivated a huge following due to his insanely popular vlogs on his channel that garner billions of views and for his influential talks across several platforms. Beme took off quickly when launched in 2015.

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