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Coco Truly Speaks To Family and The Artistry of Mexico | DHTG Blu-ray Review

written by Ro March 5, 2018
COCO family

Two seconds the Coco Blu-ray was in my hand, I had to watch the film again…

Coco is a celebration of the Mexican culture, a celebration of music and a celebration of family. These traits essentially make Coco one of the most emotionally connected films Pixar ever made. Watching it at home is just as touching and engrossing as seeing it in the theater. It looks just as good too. This family and the story Coco brings to life will easily stand the test of time. I’m glad I won’t have to wait for this one to come back out of the Disney vault to own it. Coco is just a beautiful story and discovering the journey these filmmakers took to infuse it with life and color on the big screen just makes it better.

Coco Blu-ray Special Features

Coco Cover

Coco Blu-ray Cover

Bonus Features:

There are eight separate behind the scenes commentaries included with the film and I have to say, these featurettes were just as interesting as the movie itself. Coco is one of the first films to consciously make an effort to avoid building its cinematic family unit around preconceived notions. The featurettes dive into that process.

I like many, put Coco at the top of my “must have Blu-ray” list. The Coco Blu-ray has an entire disc full of interesting background stories and behind the scenes footage. I don’t know about you, but those kinds of extras always make a purchase worth it.

Deleted Scenes:

Deleted scenes from animated films are always hilarious on some level because they’re usually rough. I love seeing the parts of a story that didn’t make the final cut. Sometimes I flat out disagree with cutting them. Other times, it provides great insight into the process which is always interesting. The deleted scenes demonstrate the care taken when deciding story direction and audience investment. It’s quickly obvious, how close Coco came to be an entirely different type of film.

The Coco Blu-ray dropped February 27, 2018. Even if you saw the film in theaters, it’s absolutely worth owning.

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