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Code 8 – A different Superhero movie

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. May 19, 2016
The cops need to call in a Code 8

Code 8 is an amazing Sci-fi short by Robbie and Stephen Amell is being crowdfunded at IndieGoGo to become a full length feature film. I really hope it does. The movie shows us a world in which 4% of the world has superpowers, but the majority of them are poor. Instead of saving the world or fighting villains, they’re fighting to get by. Powerful people are treated like second class citizens, taken advantage of, and police assume they’re dangerous. I’ve tried exploring this idea with my own writing and came up short. The Amells may have nailed it.

Despite being so busy lately that he wasn’t able to appear in the short himself, Stephen Amell is very passionate about the project. “I had to jump straight from Turtles back to Arrow,” says Stephen, “but I’m going to do everything I can to help see this become a full length movie.” Robbie Amell clearly shows his own interest in making Code 8 a feature movie through his impressive on screen performance.

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