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Why comics are better than books: several reasons.

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg December 20, 2017
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Why Are Comics Better than Books?

Comic books are an inseparable part of the popular culture. Film lovers and comic books fans like comics stories because of their unique style and dynamism. Even writers on https://thesispanda.com dedicate their papers to comics. Readers of different ages and genders choose comics instead of books because of their visual attractiveness. Let us discuss why comics are better than books and what is so special about them.

Five Reasons Why Comics Are Better than Books

Some people prefer classic books while many young people like comics very much. However, what makes us claim that comics are better? Here are some reasons to prove this statement:

  1. Comic books are a combination of two arts.

Comics are a peculiar mixture of graphic art and literature. They certainly belong more to the visual art, but they also rely on concise text. These books are loved by young readers so much because they can help imagine the stories better while at the same time developing literacy skills. Adults, in turn, love this combination of art and literature because it is extremely expressive and visually stimulating.

  1. Comics can be read faster.

The main advantage of comics over books is their size. Even a short book is usually longer than the longest comic book; that is why an average reader spends less time reading comics. Given the lack of free time, many adults prefer reading comic books. Children like this feature as well because they do not get bored or tired while reading. For them, reading comic books is an entertaining rather than educational activity. What is more, comics can be dedicated to serious topics, so allowing children to read them helps develop their cognitive and critical thinking skills.

  1. Comics may have several authors.

It is very difficult to find classic books created by two or more authors. Comic books, however, are usually created by at least two authors. A writer creates a story with a captivating plot, while an illustrator draws the images to make the story more appealing. Such collaboration is valuable because artists can share ideas and inspire each other. Moreover, different illustrators may work on one comic book simultaneously without affecting the quality, which allows performing the work faster and publishing comic books regularly.

  1. The main characters of comic books are immortal.

Although the classic literature has different genres including fantasy, most of the books are devoted to ordinary, mortal people. Comics, however, are dedicated to different superheroes, robots, or mutants that differ considerably from human beings. Readers like immersing into this supernatural and exciting world and meet engaging characters. For example, the popular anti-hero of the Marvel universe – Deadpool – cannot die thanks to his incredible ability to regenerate. In some way, comics are similar to traditional fairytales because they help people escape from their routine and feel part of some imaginary world.

  1. Comics are cheaper than books.

It is also necessary to remember about money. Paper books, even the shortest ones, are usually quite expensive, compared to comic books that cost no more than journals. Hence, they can be bought and collected easily even by small children.

To summarize, we do not argue that comic books can substitute classic literature. However, one cannot deny the fact that they are considered an integral part of the modern culture and can bring many positive emotions to readers.

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