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Comixology Review by an E-comic Amateur

written by April Carvelli December 30, 2014


I am still new to the world of digital comics, but after reviewing the Marvel Comics app for Android I was addicted. I immediately started downloading comics and reading up a storm, but I also started downloading other apps as well. I was going to immediately do a review of the other apps, but I figured I would wait a little bit and get used to them all so I could do an objective review.


I think this has become my favorite comic app. I still like the Marvel Comics app, but this one is immediately superior because you aren’t limited to only Marvel or only DC. You have a range of comics at your fingertips, including Image and independents.

I’ve used Comixology primarily on an Android tablet, but I have also used them on my PC and my Windows phone. I like the fact that your library is available on your account, no matter what you log in through.


There are more titles than I can even conceive of with a huge cross selection of Marvel, DC and Image comics. I love the fact that you can import your previous Marvel purchases so your collection can be all in one place. Comixology also lets independents publish their comics through the platform, which give many more exposure than they ever had hope of before. This benefits independent creators and the readers because it also allows us, as readers, to expand our repertoire.

The only true downfall I see to the whole Comixology app is the fact that there is no Dark Horse. I love Dark Horse comics but I can’t get them here and it looks like I’m going to have to take a look at their app if I want to read any digital Dark Horse content.

Shopping Cart

Like the others it gives you the ability to manage your current collection, buy new comics and read comics. One nice difference is the ability to actually purchase comics through the app. They have a shopping cart! This means that I don’t need to purchase each book separately, I can select anything I want and do it as one large transaction, rather than a bunch of small ones.


The smaller devices like my phone don’t seem to have the same viewing options, and have to use guided view, but on the tablet you can choose between page view and guided view. Page view is exactly like you would expect, a full-page view, just like looking at a physical comic. Guided view directs you through the comic one panel at a time, or from speech bubble to speech bubble.

For general reading I prefer the full-page view, but that may be because I am old school on my comics. Guided view is a good way to view the larger two-page spreads, because otherwise the font tends to be a bit small to read.

Just like the Marvel App, the graphics and color are fantastic, you won’t find this much rich color in print.




The pricing is comparable to the others and what you would see in the store as it is all set by the publisher. You can find plenty of free comics, but if you want the good ones you will have to pay the standard of $2.99 to $3.99 per issues. Collections run from about $4.99 and up.

Overall I think I prefer this App to the others, but I do wish they had Dark Horse, so this could truly be an all-in-one app.

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