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Confirmed: ‘Arrival’ Director Denis Villeneuve to Direct Dune Reboot

written by Maggie Little February 2, 2017
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Denis Villeneuve has been making quite a name for himself in the science fiction film industry. With Oscar nominations for last year’s Arrival, and high hopes for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049, Villeneuve seems a great choice for a reboot of one of the best science fiction masterpieces to date, Dune.

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Brian Hebert, son of Frank Hebert (the mastermind author behind the Dune series), has confirmed via Twitter that Legendary Pictures has signed Villeneuve to the role of Director for the film.

While there have been many attempts at a Dune reboot, most have sadly fell through or simply didn’t hold to expectations. With an up and coming, extremely talented director such as Canadian Denis Villeneuve leading the charge, there are good expectations that this will not be the case, and that we may have another great movie that will showcase the best science fiction has to offer.

dune movie poster

While most of us are familiar with Hebert’s sci-fi epic, or the 1984 version of the movie, this will be an exciting new telling of a beloved classic. For those of you that haven’t seen or read Dune, there’s no time like the present! It truly is an epic science fiction odyssey. It centers on Paul Atreides, the Great Houses, and the planet Arrakis, informally known as Dune. It is a time when people have put aside computers to expand their minds in an every growing and amazing way, using melange, or simply “spice” to unlock a vast array of mental power. The plot contains everything you could possibly want in a series- battles, subterfuge, faster than light travel, giant, deadly earthworms, and so much more! If you haven’t read the series, you can grab a copy of the first book here.

So, do you like that they’re remaking Dune? What do you think of the choice of director? Let us know in the comments!

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