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Constantine is Back

written by GodzillaHam August 12, 2015

So, I guess I was premature in writing the article about Constantine being over. Our beloved leader of the trenchcoat Brigade is set to return this fall in the fifth episode titled “Haunted”. Constantine is back, leaving behind his old network for the CW. I’m hoping he gets his own show much like Flash, and seeing as how die-hard many of Constantine’s fans are I would not be surprised.

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What will be very interesting is how Constantine’s story arcs tie in with Arrow, if at all. Constantine was dealing with the Rising Darkness, the mysterious increase of evil supernatural activity. Almost every episode he learned a little more, bringing him and his “friends” ever closer to unlocking the truth about who, or what, is behind the Rising Darkness and what its motivation is. Oliver Queen (Spoiler alert, he’s the Arrow) has been fighting the League of Assassins, but in Season 4 will have a lot of new fish to fry. How will Constantine’s own story tie into this? Or will the two blond fast talking anti heroes just pass by and swap stories about how they mess up life for people around them? Or will Constantine be transplanted from his world and put into Arrow’s? Also, what role will the supporting casts of Team Constantine and Team Arrow have? Zed could be helpful to Arrow because of her strong clairvoyance meaning half of his detective work would be already done. Any one of Team Arrow would be of great use to Constantine, because having a skilled vigilante to take your punches is a bonus. And what about the teasing of Doctor Fate and The Spectre? How will these two mystical powerhouses mesh with the world? Matt Ryan said, “John is coming to Star City.” The question remains if he will stay.

As a fan, I am greatly excited by this news, But even without my trusty fan goggles I would still be happy. Constantine presents a complicated, conflicted protagonist who would usually play the role of a villain. It played the parts of drama, mystery, suspense and horror perfectly. The world did not revolve around its protagonist, who often paid a heavy price for victory. John’s exploitive tendencies cause serious problems with his relationships. Ironically, because of his insecurities and trauma he seeks out people, only to push them away. Before the show, I had never read any Hellblazer comics (The title starring John Constantine). I had seen the movie with Keanu Reaves, which is not a bad movie, just not like the Hellblazer stories (This doesn’t mean it’s an unholy abomination). After seeing the show, I have only read three titles so far. I am not a person who came into this already in love. Constantine earned its place in my heart from someone who knew almost nothing about it.

So this fall, I am dusting off my many trenchcoats and losing weight so they fit me better. Whatever you all choose to do, I hope it involves watching John Constantine return.

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