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Constantine: Production Has Been Put On Halt By NBC!

written by Manny Popoca AKA: MannysPlace November 24, 2014
Constantine - NBC

Constantine – NBC


News comes out from NBC about production halting on the new show Constantine based on the DC comics property. The cast learning of the fate of the show being halted was delivered to them on set this last Friday. The show has only aired 4 of its 13 episodes and I know PLENTY of fans that are happy with the show so far. So it’s just a mystery to me why in the world NBC would do such a thing.  It’s not like NBC did the show any favors by giving it a 10 pm start time on a Friday after they spent countless millions on advertising before the show’s premiere. News of the cast also being on NBC’s Thanksgiving Day parade will sure make things a bit awkward to say the least.



While the news does seem dire and troubling to hear, I will warn my fellow comic book geeks that this is in NO WAY a death sentence for the first season TV show. The show is still in contention for a second season, just no new episodes ordered as of yet. The only other good news I can take out of this is that NBC has only given one other show a full season order so far from its lineups. I am very sure that fan support will not let this show get cancelled and if NBC is dumb enough to do that, plenty of other networks will line up to take it over!







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